Pronunciation of Smythe

Smythe: “smith” (rhymes with “with”), or “smithe” (rhymes with “writhe”)?

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I vote for “smithe.”

I’m in favor of “Smith.” Y sounds like " i" here. Just like my brother’s nickname Vynce rhymes with wince.

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It’s Smithe, I’ve heard it pronounced before.

For Smythe, the BBC Pronouncing Dictionary of British Names gives both “smithe” rhyming with “writhe” and “smithe” rhyming with “heighth” (whatever you may think of that word). But not “smith.” For Smyth, both of these are listed as possible, as well as just “smith” (usual in Ireland, it says).

Smythe is usually pronounced to rhyme with writhe, though some people may pronoiuce it smith, the former is by far the most common.

Lauri Itakannas: Aha. The “e” is easy to overlook. Perhaps that is the source of my confusion.

(FWIW, I’ve always pronounced it “smithe”.)

I’ve heard it prononuced both ways. For example, Ryan Smyth pronounces his last name as ‘Smith’. Yet, in the good old days, the Smyth Division in the NHL was pronounced like ‘Smithe’.

adam - Ryan Smyth => no e; Smythe dividion => e

adam - Ryan Smyth => no e; Smythe division => e

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It’s pronounced Throatwarbler Mangrove if that’s how Mr. or Ms. Smythe wants to pronounce it.