Proof of my awesomeness; otherwise, no need to read.

I was just hanging out with a great friend. We got into debating something that has gotten WAAAYY too much treatment on this board (not airplanes on treadmills), and we went back and forth for quite some time. We love this stuff.

He is much smarter than I and was about halfway through proving me wrong, stupid and unattractive (using math, no less!) when the requirements of public transportation and being-at-work-on-time kicked in and I had to go.

On the way home he text messaged me “You were right, you [jerk].” Followed by some proof of his smartness and my rightness.

I am feeling awesome. I will save his text message forever. Thank you SDMB!

I’m confused. You are awesome because you used someone else’s ‘proof’?

What were you arguing about? :dubious:

I’m feeling awesome because (1) it turned out I was right, and (2) he figured it out for himself, had a “:smack:-kdeus was right!” moment, and had to send me a message saying so. We’re slightly competitive.

It is like Voldemort: I don’t want to name it for fear it will come back. It doesn’t matter except to say that it has been hotly debated here and elsewhere with smart people on both sides, and you should always switch doors/ the plane doesn’t take off.

Sorry for the vague OP. Really, I was just bragging.

Woo-hoo! I feel your glee.

Once, my husband was arguing some topic at a party (let’s not go into details, I agree) and he stopped, turned around and said, “Here, would *you *talk to them?” Only it was about a topic he and I had argued about previously! So not only had I convinced him, but I’d done it so thoroughly that he was now arguing the position he had formerly argued against, and acknowledged my superiority in public! :smiley:

Damn fine feeling, that.

I dunno, kdeus, I hate to be skeptical, but without more details it is hard to accept this alleged awesomeness on faith. At this very moment, there is an active thread in which Claptree, too, boasts of a recent accomplishment. While there is no doubt that your achievement potentially could eclipse his, Claptree has better communicated his exploit, painting a vivid literary picture using a deft economy of words. Such effective writing draws the reader in and makes a persuasive case that Claptree’s feat deserves SDMB recognition. I know his OP spoke to me, and I now consider Claptree a force to be reckoned with.

So, barring further details, I’m afraid your awesomeness – while no doubt real – simply pales in comparsion.
It wasn’t that whole -gry thing, was it?

Why did he put jerk in brackets?

Congratulations, kdeus! Few feelings are as sweet as the one you have when you’re proven right after the fact. I’m usually the one conceding, though. Only because I know how great a feeling it is and I’m a thoroughly nice guy. Yeah.

Borborygmi. [Keanu Reeves]Whoa.[/KR] Reading your post is definitely in contention for my finest hour. I like praise!


And come on, you know better than that. SMDBers will pester you untill you submit to our will and tell us the details.