Proposed: No Toleration of any Slur Words in Pit Titles

I originally thought that all I could do was propose a new rule, but after a review of currently existing Pit rules, there may be a case that lines have already been crossed. (I still have refrained from reporting the OP of a fairly new thread, because there may be some ambiguity.)

From Revised Forum Rules for the BBQ Pit: read this before posting

I was somewhat surprised when I reviewed the Pit rules and found this. It’s an old rule, judging from the lack or underlining in the March 2009 document.

I realize that there may be an unwritten sliding scale for what is considered a “slur.” However, when it comes to thread titles, there should be no tolerance at all, IMO, for any use of a group slur word.

Damn Yankees



are to me clear instances of slur words that target groups of people. Some of us in the doper community are included in these groups.

Also in that rules thread, a new entry:

This was never explained.

It could mean quite a number of things, but I’m thinking that the use of a slur word could be considered as an instance.

I have a feeling that the mods and admins will appreciate and consider what I am advocating here. I’m sure that many members and guests will strongly disagree. “It’s the Pit!” That’s okay. But I want everyone to try to understand is that it’s a different matter with thread titles. Slurs, including debatable ones, should be excluded from them all, even within the Pit.

- Trans Fat Og

You have got to be kidding.

Really? This seems excessively sensitive. I was expecting this to be a complaint about that Sarah Palin thread about her “retard” baby being called a “nigger”. That would at least seem like a reasonable complaint.

Really, if “Fatties” and “Damn Yankees” bothers you, stay out of the pit. It’s not for you.

Interesting idea, Trans Fat Og. My counter-proposal is that we go back to very few rules in the Pit, and use it as it’s supposed to be used - as a safety valve for people to blow off steam.

I don’t think it’s reasonable to interpret fatties or Yankees - especially Yankees - as “hateful.”

Anything about the Yankees should be fair game.

Is this a wind up?

I for one applaud the OP: this whole “BBQ Pit” forum has allowed inter-poster rudeness for far too long. I say we adopt a “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” policy, so I can finally share my French Onion soup recipe without people calling me stupid or criticizing my use of canned French Onion soup.

Can we also make rule that from now on we call it “Freedom Onion Soup”?

especially the fat ones…!:stuck_out_tongue:

Even more language restrictions! That’s exactly what we need.


Giraffe, you ignorant slut.

[mowderator’s note]Please don’t call other posters a Giraffe outside the Pit. Thanks.[/mowderator’s note*]

*For the humor impaired, mowderator is not an official title on the SDMB, and this post is not an official note.

ETA: For the origin of the word mowderator, please read this thread


I agree you should not be criticized for this: we do not permit negative posts or threads about banned posters and using canned soup for French Onion really requires banning.

You’re clearly not a Red Sox or Mets fan.

Before we start worrying about non-existent slurs, we should really be focusing on people with the “wrong” opinions. That’d be much more productive.

Indeed! It’s an envelope of Lipton’s dried soup base or nothing!!