Listen up, motherfuckers!

In case you haven’t seen it, we’ve removed the restricted word list from the Pit. You are now officially free drop f-bombs at any target, in whatever configuration you desire.

Keep in mind, this only applies to the “bad word” list. Rules against hate speech remain in full effect, as do all other Pit rules.

Now go forth and be filthy.

Thank you, Miller, for shepherding us through this dark period of the Pit’s existence.


You gosh darn mothertruckers!

Sorry, but I never got a chance to use that.

No warning issued.

Best thread title ever.

At last we can tell all those melonfarming iceholes what we really think of them.

Is this across on forums or just the BBQ pit?

Just the Pit.

But I was feeling so safe and protected! What if I’m told to fuck off? HOW do I fuck off? Wait, is this a question for GQ?

Just do the opposite of fucking on, and you’ll be fine.

Now fuck off.

You guys realize you’ve just basically guaranteed endless complaints about “potty mouth” from a certain poster for the rest of your days, right?

Fantastic. We can now cuntinue as before!

Frank Booth would be proud.

Fuck yeah.


Yes, but Giraffe can fuck off, too.

I believe the history here is different for “cunt” than for the other banned terms. “Cunt” was not banned as being such a really really really bad word, but rather as a gendered insult which was offensive to women as a group (not just to the specific person being addressed). This lifting of the ban coincides with a wave of voices calling for (among other things) increased sensitivity to this type of gender issue. It will be interesting to see how these interact.

Please reassure us you are not into human vivisection.

Yes, it will.

But mostly in the Pit. So we got that going for us, anyway.

On another note, I’m thinking it might be a good idea (for me) to unsubscribe from this thread. Not sure my company’s email filter won’t scan for terms like this title.