Pros and Cons-thoughts?

I saw the first episode of Pros and Cons on TLC Saturday night.

Interesting and amusing. For those who haven’t seen it yet, in this installment a couple had to choose a wedding planner from a group of three. One was a pro who had done a number of high society weddings in London, one was a woman who had planned her own wedding which was generally considered a disaster, and one had no experience planning a wedding or even a large party.

Naturally, they chose the last one and, as they say, hilarity ensued.

I kind of liked the show, although I have to say, when you hire Constable Goody from The Thin Blue Line, you get what you deserve.

The bride was on the verge of a nervous breakdown by the day of the wedding and the groom was generally relaxed and didn’t seem too bothered by anything. In the end, they seemed to take the whole thing in stride, especially when they found out they had chosen the major pretender.

Next week apparently involves a fashion show. Any guesses? Thoughts?

I figure, if you get involved in a game show, you shouldn’t get too upset if you lose. If it’s something as important as a wedding, maybe it’s too much to risk?

I thought it was weird that the couple only had a 1 in 3 chance of choosing the ‘good’ planner and that they were willing to take that chance.

But I didn’t see the episode, so what happened?

An important point is that they don’t know which (good, bad, ugly) they’ve picked until after the whole affair is done.

Everything went fine, and I really felt for the planner, not only because he had to maintain the charade of being experienced at this sort of thing for weeks, but also because the bride in this case was a shrew–totally unrealistic about all the things that she was expecting on such short notice. But the planner soldiered through and pulled it off (though he was just as much of a wreck; the canapes crisis was hilarious)–quite a feat for 200+ guests in London.

And that wedding dress she chose for herself (she rejected the planner’s choice) was about as ugly a dress as I’ve ever seen. Horrid. She softened up by the end, though, and the groom was cool throughout.

I wonder if they bother with the episode if the participants pick the “good” choice. Why bother if there’s no Train Wreck element involved?

I did think she expected an awful lot for only 5 weeks planning time. As I understand it, weddings routinely take up to a year to plan so she did need to cut the guy a lot of slack, whether he was a pro or not.

At the end the pro even gave him credit for pulling it off. Hey, it’s not an easy job. I did feel for the guy. I photographed one wedding and I’ll never do it again. I can’t imagine planning the whole thing.