Protect Losing Your Flash Drive At School Or Work? Try This.

A lot of students at school email me and ask if I found their flash drives in the computer labs or if anyone turned it in. Usually the answer is “no” and part of the problem is that it is often difficult, if not impossible, to figure out whose flash drive it is even if you take the time to open it and check out the files.

I happened across this link.
Obviously, if someone is just looking to score a free flash drive and keep it, this won’t be much help, but if someone inserts the flash and realizes whose it is, they might be more inclined to return it.

Just a thought.

I just keep mine on my keychain. Never gets lost.

I use an if_found.txt file in the root directory. It’s write protected just so I don’t accidentally delete it.

Maybe I should add an autorun.inf to pop-up a message that says, “It’s not a good idea to connect an unknown drive to your computer with autoplay turned on.”

I’d just arrive at my car and realize that my keys were still attached to the computer.

My cell phone # is written on my flash drive’s case.

I don’t know if I’d want my name and phone number on a flash drive.

I use a .txt file with the school where I coach as the contact.

^^ I always knew you were a smart cookie.

I have a tiny piece of paper with my name and number taped to mine.

The root directories of all of my flash drives have a README.TXT file on them with my name and address. As a practical matter, though, if someone called me to tell me he/she had found my flash drive, my response would probably be “Thank you very much. I’ll tell you what, just delete the drive’s contents and keep it.”

(Any files that I wouldn’t want anyone else to read are password protected.)

This is a cool idea. I can finally stop chaining my flash drives to wheel rims ;).

Reminds me of a similar idea Rob Cockerham (of had for his digital camera (first tip on the linked page).