Prove the big bang...


Perhaps the hope was that this thread would provoke such a Big Bang of sarcasm and snark that it would be clear to all that the Universe’s Big Bang must also have come from a Message Board, but not of the Chicago Reader but instead of the Sacred Ether of Existence, as God hit the “Submit” button to his post:

“It is.”

Am I being whooshed or something? lightwait has posted exactly once in this thread.

Ah, the singularity!

Which would seem to be irrelevant since the original question from xtisme was whether he had ever returned to his other recent thread. In that case, after an absence of quite some time, he did return to the thread and actually engaged in exchanges of statements* with other posters.

  • (Read it yourself to see whether they exchanged information or ideas.)

Yup. Admittedly, I couldn’t slog through the whole thread (it was like 4 pages IIRC and there wasn’t really a debate in there that I could see. The forum is for witnessing as well, which seemed what it was about) so me being the lazy sort, I was simply asking if s/he had ever made another showing…since if not there was probably no point in continuing with THIS thread in the vain hope of a further showing.


I’m not sure about seeing electrons, but I know that we can see atoms, and that researchers at IBM spelled IBM using individual atoms. So they are no more ephemeral than we are. If you want to get poetic, however…

The universe and everything in it was created ex nihilo a little over 100 years ago. Since no one currently alive existed back then, then neither did the universe; all that stuff you call evidence was simply created at the same time the universe was created.

Prove me wrong, lightwait. You can’t - you weren’t there.

You have blown my mind. My mind has been blown.

Seriously . . . is it possible you’re doing satire here?

Regardless whether he returned to the other thread, (or returns to this thread), the question of point remains undetermined.

You’re not helping us though. Scientists hold themselves to a different standard than the faithful, by comparing us you strengthen them.

lightwait does seem like a bible thumping troll…never seen that before.

And I never want to see accusations of trolling in Great Debates, again.
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Apparently this was a rule I was unaware of, pray tell, why does it exist?

I, uh, knew that. :smack:

The rule can be found here.

The reason is that we find accusations of trolling nearly as disruptive as trolling because they ltend to lead to massive hijacks of threads while posters argue over whether the poster is engaged in deliberate trolling or simply suffers from an infelicitous manner of posting.

This had me giggling. Really. And I’m not prone to giggling.

A brilliant and unassailable argument, and funny to boot.

I’d seriously like to see lightwait adress this.

I wonder if some of the physicists among us could answer a few questions I’ve always had about the Big Bang.

  1. What existed before the Big Bang?

  2. If all the matter of the universe originated from a single point in space, what was the force that caused it to explode?

  3. If all the matter of the universe was at one time in a single point, would that not be a black hole? And since nothing can escape a black hole, are currently inside one? Are what we know black holes actually black holes withing the universal black hole?

It’s shifting the burden of proof, which is a terrible argument.

It doesn’t matter what you can or can’t see. You can “see” wind by looking at how trees are behaving. What Heisenberg meant in context, I think, is that what scientists deal with at the quantum level are mathematical abstractions. The only thing you can really see is the effect of photons bombarding your retina. Everything about their journey you must extrapolate logically.

We can’t really know. That state of matter, everything = 1 point, doesn’t give us any clues at all about what came before.

It wasn’t an explosion in the way you think of it. There was no trigger which generated force that physically threw matter away. It was an expansion of material from a single point.

Not really, because it wasn’t really matter the way we think of it now. It wasn’t a giant lump of iron or whatever, it was a unique state.

This isn’t right, black holes do throw throw off Hawking radiation, and so evaporate over time.

Not sure what your question is here.