Providence to Boston

To save money and I fly into Providence to get into Boston. The question is, once I am at the Providence airport how do I get to Boston. Will I have to rent a car (I would rather not), or do they have a train or bus that leaves from the airport to transport you to downtown Boston?

Amtrak is a possibility.

If you rent a car…

95North, to 93North. That easy, it’s about an hours drive, without traffic.

The TF Green Airport web site has a transportation page, which explains how to get to the Amtrack station, and a link there for schedules.

If you choose to travel to Manchester NH instead, there is no rail service between the Manchester Airport and Boston, but the directions are just as easy… Rt 101 (also Rt 293) West to 93 South.


The commuter rail service from Boston does go as far as Providence (check the commuter rail section at the MBTA web site). And there’s transit service from T.F. Green airport to Providence.

Or this page mentions at least two companies running bus service from Providence airport to Boston.

If you fly into T.F. Green on a weekend and want to take the commuter rail, be aware that there are very very few trains (if any) on weekends from Providence to Boston. For some reason they make the last stop earlier than Providence on Saturdays and Sundays. Amtrak might have more frequent schedules.

In case you don’t know, T. F. Green is not actually in Providence - it’s in Warwick, about 10 miles south of Providence.