Ps3 finally hacked?!

Seems like it!

If so, happy days! Finally there might be some justification for the purchase of this games devoid, sluggishly loading, glorified doorstop! :smiley:
Disclaimer: Sablicious does under no circumstances endorse pirating of copyrighted material. It is an offense to copy, own or distribute software that you do not legall… yadda yadda… *farts * :rolleyes:

It won’t remain cracked for long.

By next week Sony will have one of their “voluntary” patches out that if you don’t install 90% of your functionality is disabled.

Looks like the real deal, so far. Sony will shut it down soon enough, though, and just pre-patch the new systems they push out the door. Which is smart - look where piracy’s gotten MS.


So, what does this thing do? From reading those links, it looks like this is a thing that will let you play games on your PS3… Isn’t that what it already does?

Voluntary indeed! Sorny can’t force a patch on you unless it ties into the basic functionality of future titles (which it won’t because it would alienate non Internet users). So you simply decline the patches and play games off-line or via LAN.

There’s nothing the lackluster PSN infrastructure can offer Xbox Live doesn’t already, and more often than not better. Most of the Ps3’s prominent titles are third-party - shitty ports at that. So trading this aspect of the system for essentially free games, sounds a pretty decent trade to me!

Just in case you thought it was all a storm in a teacup, even the BBC thought it newsworthy!

It’s interesting to find that it’s a firmware hack as opposed to modifying the hardware.

It lets you play copies of original games via the internal HDD or an external one (*required if any single volume of data in a game file exceeds 4Gb). It also paves the way for myriad possibilities relating to the console’s functionality - full backwards compatibility with Ps1 and Ps2; emulators like MAME; modding of game files…

It has the potential to turn an overwrought and overrated video games system into something resembling its full potential.

Chances are, like other hacks, it will allow you to copy games straight to your hard drive - you can download an ISO, or rent a game from Blockbuster, copy it to your PS3, and play it sans CD with a much faster load rate. May also be used to remove region locks, so you could play Japanese PS3 games.

Could you use this to, say, install and run Linux on a PS3?

Ah, so it allows you to commit theft. Very useful.

Is that a woosh? I just downloaded a patch that removed that functionality.:mad:

Well, a region lock is not theft. There are useful applications for it, some of which happen to be illegal (not unlike, say, a tape recorder). You can legally own a game and copy it to your hard drive because the load times would be significantly faster. As well, you have every right to purchase a Japanese/Australian/European game or movie and watch it in North America. They have simply placed locks on their own hardware to prevent you from doing so.

It also allows you to run homebrew (amateur) games, at least on most other consoles. That’s what makes modding controversial: it’s not solely used for illegal means, and in fact can foster a thriving community whose only potential ethical stain is that they’re using the console in a way the game company didn’t intend.

Microsoft was bloody smart in embracing the amateur developer community through X-Box Live so that homebrewers don’t need to hack the 360.

Big whoop. I’m not supposed to be able to play chess on a graphing calculator, but you don’t see Texas Instruments turning all blue in the face. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not a whoosh. I’ve certainly heard of folks installing Linux on game consoles (heck, you can install Linux on just about anything; there’s probably someone out there who’s managed to install it on a $5 digital wristwatch), but I wasn’t sure if the PS3 was one of them. And it seems to me that if it were already possible to install a completely different operating system, then it should logically also be already possible to do just about anything else, too.

The PS3 doesn’t have region lock. Or at least, not on games. Apparently it will not play out of region blu-ray movies, but you don’t need any “hack” or “mod” to play Japanese PS3 games on a US PS3. You just…play them. So scratch that off your discussion list.

Now they only make x-box games to avoid the pirates.

Did not know that. Thanks!

I would consider getting this. Not so much for the ability to download games or any of the pirated stuff. But, I would love to have the ability to copy my games to the HDD and not have to worry about finding the disc and putting it in there to play and worry about the laser dying and making playing games impossible.

I wouldn’t spend as much as this seems to be going for. (I saw someone post $120.00. That’s way too high.) But, 50 bucks or so would be a fine price to be able to save on wear and tear on discs AND hardware.

I’d even welcome it with open arms if Sony put out a legitimate way to copy game data to the HDD. I think the Xbox 360 allows this.