PSP owners, how many of you use your system to the fullest?

Today I hooked up a Sony LocationFree base station to my cable TV hookup. It is awesome. It works beyond my wildest expectations. It streams live TV to my PSP using the Wi-Fi connection. I can access the on-screen cable menu to control the program guide, control the DVR, and access On Demand programming. It basically turned my PSP into a cable receiver without needing another cable hookup anywhere in the house. And before you say, “Wow, that’s hella expensive, cochrane,” I bought it off eBay for $35. It’s an older model, but was still in the box and never opened.

Besides using my PSP for games, pictures, movies, music, and web browsing, and now TV, I also have internet radio and can stream MP3’s directly off my computer using RSS. How many of you are using your PSP to the max as an all-around gaming platform and multi-media center?