Psst. Wanna See My Gun? Come On In Here. (Sorry the floor feels like a movie theater)

[Sheriff Bush]Excuse me while I whip this out.[/Sheriff Bush]

From the New Zealand Herald: Bush’s Iraqi memorabilia - Saddam Hussein’s pistol

I don’t know if the White House visitor quoted was referring to the current or previous administration. What is it about that fucking room? If (shiver) I was Chief Executive - I think I’d have the entrance bricked-up.

Geez, just chop off his head and mount it over the fireplace right next to the oil canvas painting of your big balls, Mr. President. :rolleyes:

I didn’t know we had souvenirs of all of the places we “conquered”. I’m sure it started off as commemorative spoon collective from oil derricks and now it’s up to guns. I guess he’ll never start his WMD collection tho.

(wow, that was crabby AND borderline incoherent at the same time.)

Stalin kept a piece of Hitler’s skull as a souvenier. From the back of the skull, the part with the exit would.

It’s said he’d take it out on rainy days, or silent, snowy evenings, and smile.

Grabbing at straws here:

Isn’t there something in the UCMJ which prohibits “trophies of war?” I’ll bet a decent attorney could nail him some Commander in Chief with it. Be worth a try.

“Good news sir, you’re not being impeached. Bad news is, these men are here to take you to Kansas.”

That’d be cool.

That doesn’t seem like such a big deal to me… unless it actually IS illegal, as Inigo suggests (anyone know?). :dubious:

Grasping at straws indeed…

Even the best attorney would see this as an evidence transfer that skipped a few links in the chain of command, and quite frankly, the OO is way more secure than any commerically available evidence locker.

Presidents and kings and dictators alike have taken “trophies of war” as long as there have been trophies to take. It’s hardly a reprehensible thing, just because W did it.

I’m a centrist, generally speaking, but aren’t we being a bit nitpicky? I mean if Husseins HEAD was on his desk, ok, that’s a problem, but his side arm? Meh. Nothin huge about that.

(though it amuses me to think of the phone call from 1600 Penn to Walkers Point, Kennebunk)

W: Daddy, guess what I got today
HW: (sigh) What junior, what’d you get?
W: I got Saddams’ gun daddy, I got his gun!
HW: OK Junior, daddy’s gotta hang up now, your mamma’s callin me.
W: Wait, daddy, I’m not kid–(click)

heh. heh.

It’s been done before, although it is prohibited.

I read somewhere that he should stick it next to his blank plaque of Osama.

Damn fingers i mean “even a DECENT attorney”

I found this regarding war trophies

I’m surprised this is prohibited. Because by allowing soldiers to take war trophies, you can lower enemy morale.

When I found out the pistol was what Saddam had in his hidey-hole, I was a little disappointed…I had hoped it was some sort of ceremonial item, like something he had with him during formal affairs and such.

What are you pitting? Clinton? Bush? The gun? The penis? The oval office? The New Zealand press?

James Hoban, stupidity in general, whatever - but what’s the difference?

James Hoban?

This isn’t the Don Ho pit thread? damn…

When was this rule put into place? Wasn’t there a fair amount of trophy-taking during World War II?

I think it’s hilarious.

There are far better things to complain about as far as Bush is concerned.

This may come as a surprise, but Bush is not subject to the UCMJ. I think his keeping the gun is tacky, but hardly illegal. As with gifts to the president, I expect it belongs to the United States now, so he won’t get to take it with him when he leaves office in January.

I believe he is comparing and contrasting the ways our two most recent Presidents have displayed their “guns” in the same room.

This is a pistol, this is a gun.
This is for shooting, this is for fun.

Notice that it is ambiguous which President this quote refers to.
“He really liked showing it off,” a White House visitor who had seen the gun was quoted as saying.

Gotta tell you, that was goddamn funny. Nice one!

Did anyone else hear this in the voices of Sheriff Buford T. Justice and Junior?