Psst! What did I miss?

When I go to the movies, thats it. Take my seat, and stay in it till the movie is over, (sometimes even till I’m sure that no out-takes,etc. are showing up in the credits). But sometimes, you just can’t help it. The bladder only holds so much, you get a call you have to take, something makes you get up and leave for a few minutes. In such an instance, what is the biggest occurence that you missed while in the lobby? I distincly remember going to see Titanic, waiting through two hours of soppy mulch, deciding my kidneys are in danger and bolting out. When I got back only moments later, I had missed The boat had hit an iceberg!

Damnit! Damnit! Damnit! Why do have this pathological need to look at spoiler boxes. :: sigh ::…another ending ruined for me.
More on topic: When I used to smoke, that was always my test if a film was good or not – if I didn’t run out for a smoke, it must’ve been a good flick.

Do you realize that anyone who happens to miss the infamous 10 second (or so) shot in The Crying Game would have absolutely no idea what the frickin’ movie is really about? The big (heh heh) revelation in that seen is not really addressed anymore in the flick.

I’ve always wondered what people who went for popcorn during that scene thought about the rest of the movie…

Wonder what they thought when they noticed the category of Jaye Davidson’s Academy Award nomination!

I think the closest thing is when ‘she’ visits him in jail and she says something about being a woman and he chortles.

yeah, The crying game is a good example. Did anyone race out for a dump during the matrix? I can imagine leaving while neo chats to morpheus, red pill, blue pill… then return in five minute, A naked keanu on an operating table in some desert wilderness, like wtf happened here??

I didn’t realize it until this thread, but if memory serves I haven’t ever left my seat while a feature was playing. Yay me. :wink: