I saw a show a few weeks ago-the so-called “Psychic Detectives” It was (on the surface) very impressive. The case cited was the murder of a single woman in (I think) Boynton each , Florida. The local police were baffled-the murderer left no clues. The victim had ben stabbed brutally, and there was (aparently) no motive-nothing had been taken from the house. By chance, the local police chief met with the “psychic”-who was a man from upstate NY-and who had NEVER visted Florida before. He gave the police a description of the house, citing the pink color (although the house hd been repainted yellow by its new owners). In addition, the man told the police thatthe murder weapon (a knife) had been thrown under a boat, in an adjacent yard. Armed with this the police immediately suspected some neighbors of the victim-two brothers who lived together-and in their run-down yard was a boat on a trailer. Later, one brother was arrested on a parole vioation, and under questionning, admitted to the murder.
Now, as i say, the show sounded like the “psychic” knew a lot of things-but I am skeptical-anybody know more about this? :confused:

There’s really no proof. http://skepdic.com/psychdet.html