Psycho bitch ruins a little girls life

What the Hell is wrong with this woman?

She ruined a little girl’s life, as well as her family’s, and many other children and their families were quite distraut from her actions as well. I cannot fathom what would drive a woman to do these things. I want to smack her upside her head. Several times. Preferably with something heavy.

Holy shit that’s fucked up. It sounds like the script from a really bad Lifetime movie.

No, she
didn’t. The liitle girl is likely to be emotionally scarred, but her life is not “ruined.” That people use that exagerration all the time does not make it true.

Give it time.
This wacko sounds like the Texas cheerleader mom.

What a clusterfuck. I mean, anyone who has ever been accused of doing something they didn’t do know how it feels to defend yourself while no one believes you… I’m glad the truth finally came out, but I can just imagine how this kid will now have some pretty serious trust issues.


Her life may not be totally “ruined”, as furt said, but she will have some scars that will take a long-ass while to heal over, if they ever do. Sometimes I think that emotional abuse like that is far more damaging than anything else - it’s harder to explain, it’s harder to make sense of, it’s harder to detangle in a young child’s mind.

Yow. I hope she gets plenty of good, solid counselling and plenty of help from people she can trust. Poor kid.

Without a cite, I wouldn’t have believed this. How bizarre and awful. The kid’s life might not be ruined, but there undoubtedly damage done between the kid and her parents. Even though now the parents know the kid was innocent of the crimes, they didn’t believe her when she denied it, put her in therapy, probably punished her, etc. I feel terrible for her and for her parents, who must be miserable with themselves for this. It’s almost beyond belief.

I just can’t understand** why** a grown woman would do something like that to a child. Why? I think the judge should have ordered PsychoBitch to undergo counseling, pay for the victim & her family’s counseling and never be around children again. In addition to the jail time.

It reminds me of Munchausen by Proxy. The linked article stated that the friend visited often, talked with the little girl, counseled the mother, that sort of thing. In this case the woman wasn’t making anyone sick, but she was creating a bad situation where she could get attention.

I just can’t wrap my brain around doing those horrible things to such a young child. Poor kid, heck poor family.

I really can’t even think of what to say. This woman is fucked in the head. THREE YEARS! That’s it? I hope that is the max.

Yow. What a shithead.

Say, how do you suppose she’ll get treated, in prison? People who kill or molest children, as I remember, aren’t thought of very highly by other inmates. (Perhaps, shortly, calling this woman a “bitch” will be even more appropriate, if you get my meaning.)

I find myself wondering that too. Maybe it’s that she had a perfect “helpless” victim? Or, maybe it’s that the real target was the girl’s parents, and she was taking her grudge out on them by taking away the healthy relationship with their child? It might also be, as Ashes, Ashes said, some variation of Munchausen’s by proxy.

Christ, what a psychotic whore.

Anyone else think she might have wanted a crack at the husband, so she set up the girl to cause strife between the parents?

Ew, ew, hit submit too soon.

So, if she did that and her fucked up plan worked, she could swoop in on the husband and all of the problems would magically disappear, hence painting the mother and/or marriage as the source of the problems, eventually gain custody of the girl, and thereby end up with her own Happy Family.

Or have I seen The Hand That Rocks The Cradle one too many times?

The poor child was ony 6 when this began, and her mother is on antidepressants (rather unsurprisingly).

I don’t understand why someone would do that, but it just shows that people are more fucked up than you could imagine.

Bitch What are you in for?

Prisoner 1 Oh I delt drugs. What did you do.

Bitch Well it’s a long story but, tell me about your mother.

It was obviously a plot by the little girl, who has been carefully setting up the sting on this poor innocent woman for years.

Finally, her plan has come to fruition: an adult has been successfully blamed for everything that has happened over the years, her parents are stressed and medicated, and now, the little girl can do anything she wants at any time and no one will ever doubt her when she denies responsibility.

Man, that’s better than being able to wish someone into the cornfield.

Ok. That is too creepy. :eek:

I’m always a bit creeped out when people make hopeful suggestions that somebody or another will be raped in prison.

And Serial Mom with a little Heathers tossed in. Kathleen Turner was EXCELLENT in Serial Mom.

No, that’s kind of an urban legend.

In men’s prisons, it’s mostly ignored. At the prison in which my husband works, about 1/3 of the inmates are sex offenders, and about half of these crimes were against children. Nobody cares, really. (Everyone’s innocent, anyway, remember?) If an inmate is really worried he’ll be harassed, all he has to do is lie about what he’s “in for”. It’s not like the other inmates could check.

Now, in women’s prisons the atmosphere is different. If you harm your OWN child, you can expect endless harassment. (My husband actually witnessed the women on the prison yard stone a new arrival who had killed her child.) However, since this kid was not related to the woman and she actually did no physical harm to her, I doubt she’ll be treated as poorly as you might expect.