Psycho bitch ruins a little girls life

She did cause physical harm to the child, she admitted as much in court.

I have heard of many crimes over the years. This one probably qualifies as the most evil. Every other major crime I know of tends to be huge (mass murder), short-term (often mass murder or rape) or exceptionally impersonal (like mass murder or genocide). This is so wicked and personal I can’t believe it.

But the Bible says-


This is just too unholy! No pity for this woman. None at all. Kill, torture her, sell her as a slave - I don’t care.

She has forfeited the right to be called a human being. I’ve often though we ought to have this punishment.

Very few things shock me anymore, but I make an exception for this. How anyone could hate a little girl so much is beyond me. I hope all that know the girl go out of their way to be nice to her now that she was proven innocent.

On the bright side, twenty years from now when that girl is asked, “So tell me about the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you,” she’ll have a doozy of an answer.


Does anyone else feel like every Roald Dahl novel has come to life in this story?

I thought people like this only existed in Grimm’s Fairy Tales…

Poor kid. And then there will be the morons who will say–she did some of it, no adult would do all that…I think the family should move. What a legacy to get out from under.

I’m guessing that it’s not hate for the girl that caused this, but some sort of grudge against her parents. She was just using the girl as a tool to make their lives miserable, too (WAG).

The worst part is that the girl began to think she was doing it… in her sleep. If nothing else, the complete contradiction between reality and what she was being told for 18 very formative months will really, I suspect, mess her up for a long while.

I don’t know. I’m inclined to think some bizarre variant of Munchausen by Proxy myself; does the woman herself have children? (I read the article, but can’t remember…)

This sound like something that would happen on a soap opera. Later we’ll find out that the evil is really her mother.

What a cunt!

I don’t know if it’s the same woman, but a “Kathryn Skinner” is on the delegate list for a conference on the health and welfare of children in Exeter.

I really hope it’s not the same woman.

I think you made this point in a previous thread. It’s the most disappointing thing I’ve ever read in SDMB. *sigh&

Jesus would have this lady form a rendevouz with a millstone and a sea.

Thank you, Jesus!

Reading the article, Skinner confessed to her husband who confessed to the parents. Whould she ever have been caught had she not confessed?

But I wonder how she got away with it for so long? For example, slashing the curtains - the parents were away and the child at school, so the child couldn’t have done it.

This woman seems to me to be demented and evil. That poor child is going to have scars.

Everybody gets one.

What a horrible, sadistic woman! I even read the article to my 14-year-old daughter, and we were both shocked that the woman only got three years. That’s not nearly as long as that poor child is going to spend getting over this! :mad: :frowning:

I wondered the same thing. I cannot understand how this went on for eighteen months, with the Skinner woman constantly hanging around another family after trouble had taken place - not normal for an adult woman, that alone would have made me very suspicious - plus the fact that no matter what happened SHE was the one who always had the opportunity to do it. It took that long to figure it out? How bad are these people at pattern recognition?

I suspect the little girl will be okay, though. Imagine how relieved she feels now.

Well, we don’t know what she actually did.

Slapping her, or knocking her down would be legally considered an “assault”, but nowhere along the lines of mutilating or burning her-- those are the kinds of things that get women inmates riled up. Torture not abuse.

So the most disappointing thing you’ve read in the SDMB is that there is not enough prison rape?

“Instead, her husband told the girl’s mother when she was giving him a lift home - and Skinner burst into tears when they arrived.”

So if the mother hadn’t been giving Skinner’s husband a lift home, when would he have told her? What the fuck is wrong with him that he wasn’t on the phone to that family the MINUTE he found out?

I’m hopeful that the girl believing that maybe she was doing it in her sleep means that she didn’t any time think she was crazy - the poor kid - and I applaud the resilience of this family too.

Just about the most evil and bizarre thing I’ve ever heard. Wow.

I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around this.

There is a small ray of hope that I’m hanging my heart on. As a former foster mom, we’ve parented children who’ve been abused and neglected by their parents. In spite of the abuse and neglect, these children still love their parents deeply and want a normal relationship with them. This girls parents did not intentionally abuse her; therefore I must believe that they have a much better chance of rebuilding a healthy, trusting relationship with the help of intense, quality counseling.