Psycho creeps keep daughter in kennel

Of course, since laws can’t be made retroactively, such a law wouldn’t help in this case at all. I do find it hard to believe there’s nothing they can charge these people with. I would think there would be a law in place against kicking your child out of the home under a certain age, or some sort of deceny law that would prohibit you from making your child stay outside in the nude. We have laws against cruel treatment towards animals, but there’s nothing for people?

My god, there’s another one of these!

Did you read any of the linked articles? The child was not made to stay outdoors in the nude. The mother in this case called St Paul police on January 1st 2005 and asked them to remove her daughter from her home because she, the mother, was having problems with her daughter. At that time, the daughter alleged and the couple confirmed that on two occasions in 2003 she was locked in a 12’x6’x3’ dog kennel in a basement.

It seems that people have the impression that a cold naked child was uncomfortably confined in a small dog cage outdoors and the police came upon the scene. These allegations are atrocious enough without exaggerating them.

Please don’t get me wrong. I am not defending these people. However, I am operating on the assumption that the prosecuting attorneys, who know far more about the specifics of this case and of Minnesota law than anyone posting on this board, do not have a casual disregard for the welfare of this child.

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I dunno-I’m not a lawyer. But, what about false imprisonment or battery? (isn’t battery just the threat of bodily harm?). I was expressing dismay at the misdemeanor part of all this.

What I cannot believe is that ISN’T some law already on the books for stuff like this. It sounds abusive.

I am sure that the DA has the child’s safety paramount. I also think that this is a gray area (unfortunately) and this nimrod may only get one year, less with probation–and how does that help the kid? If she is allowed to stay with mumsy–her situation does not improve one bit…