Psycho Demon Kung Fu Kitty FROM HELL

Clicky Clicky, and be in awe. :eek:
My theory is:

the cat is actually stuck to the wall, and the thing that is positioned to be its tail is actually a sock.

I don’t know… as an owner of two frisky (insane), bouncy (psycho), playful (demonic) cats myself, I have no problem imagining either of them getting into this position quite naturally. I’d just have to be lucky enough to snap the picture at the right moment.

Cool picture, though. :smiley:

My cats have trained themselves to become catatonic at the sight of a camera. Or invisible.

Awesome picture!

I wish I could take credit for snapping the pic. Just one of those strange wonders I stumble across daily on the Great Web of Inter.

those eyes … they haunt me …

Nah. It’s casting a noticable shadow; since the light source is the flash on the camera, any noticable shadow would indicate the object is pretty far removed from where the shadow is striking. And look at the 2nd cat – it’s looking up at kung-fu cat from behind it; this cat is clearly not against the wall, so kung-fu cat is closer to us than observer-cat.I think the cat was just jumping about, and the camera-person caught it in an odd martial pose in mid-air.

Cool picture, in any case.