Pub crawling in Salt Lake City?

I’m my friend’s best man, and my bachelor-party duties involve organizing a pub crawl in the city where the wedding will take place: Salt Lake City, Utah.

Now, I understand that it’s easier to get a beer in SLC than it used to be. But I don’t know the city, so I could use a little help putting together a crawl that is walkable and good.

If you can give me some good advice, and you will be in SLC on Friday, August 3, I’ll gladly buy you a beer at one of our stops. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,

I’ve never actually been there, but Burt’s Tiki Lounge has a reputation as being a fine punk rock dive bar. I’ve got a condo in Park City and I have spent some time in SLC, so it’s not a completely half assed guess. On the other hand, Park City is full of bars, compact and a pretty good town for bar crawling.

Fortunately, they got rid of that stupid “Club membership” deal several years ago that made barhopping a more expensive proposition.

You should consider Murphy’s, the Green Pig, Gracie’s and Bourbon House, all of which are (at the most) just a five or ten minute walk from each other…

Squatter’s Brew Pub is the oldest microbrewery in downtown SLC, and it’s just around the corner from Gracie’s. (Squatter’s and Gracie’s probably have the best food of the places that I have mentioned, an upscale pub menu that has most of the traditional bases covered.)

Try asking over at (or, searching) the City Data forums.

I live over the other side of the hill in Park City ( far superior place with the high west distillery and starbucks for the following day :wink: ) but have a few friends who live downtown SLC. I will ping them for some suggestions. What is the general plan, pub to pub beer, nightclubs til dawn, strippers galore or a meal followed by civilised discourse then off to Jedediah’s all Mens Club?

SLC is a bit of a sprawl so you may want to double check on where everyone is staying etc.

Pub-to-pub beer is the general plan. Thanks for the sprawl warning.

I agree with MPB. All good suggestions and I would say Squatter’s is a must.

It’s been eons since I lived in SLC, but the common dodge around the state’s arcane liquor laws was to join a “Private Club”, where you could buy liquor by the bottle (usually a mini-bottle). IIRC, a member could bring in guests. If it’s al still in place, you could get members of private clubs to sponsor your guests, or perhaps arrange memberships for all the members of your party in advance, and crawl away through a world of greater opportunity.
I thought I’d heard that SLC had loosened up considerably, though, since I left, especially the hotel bars. This page, from the Utah Convention and Visitrors Bureau, certainly suggests that:

The whole “Private Club” nonsense was done away with about 5 years back, and now former PC’s are just regular ol’ bars, where anyone who has ca$h to spend on a drink is welcome to come on in…

I won’t be there, but if you hook up with MPB, I still owe him a couple rounds. Maybe we can start a sort of “Pay it Forward” Doper chain. :slight_smile:

There’s just not a lot of bars in a close area in many places around Salt Lake. I hear there is a block in Ogden that is like 8 bars or so, but never been there.

I’d say your best bet is to start on about 300 south and main, walk north, there’s a couple bars there, then walk a block or so east to State St. and walk south from there. I’d say in about half mile distance there’s around 6 bars or so and at least one club.

My advice would be to find one you like and just stay there.

Suggestion from friend below…

Start at Epic Brewing (850-ish South State Street), they have a small cafe for appetizers and some great beers available in the tasting room. Before having too many, drive/taxi over to Squatters & Red Rock Brewing Co. - in either order - food available and you can sample more flights and finish at the other. it is then only 3 blocks to Gracies (best outdoor patio), Green Pig, Poplar Street, and Beerhive (good beer selection.)
Or skip epic and start at beerhive where they have Epic beer anyway start at Beerhive and then work their way over to Squatter’s and Red Rock via Gracies etc.

hope that helps