Pub Quiz Idea & Help Needed

I run a pub quiz fortnightly. All the time all I’m doing is testing their long term memory and i would like to be able to do something testing their short term, even if it is a minor part of the quiz. Does anybody have any helpful hints or ideas?

Make ‘unintentional’ mistakes in reading the first few questions…and later ask them what the mistakes were.

I actually saw this game played at a wedding shower. The guest of honor (or in your case, the quizmaster or your assistant) goes away. The gathering is then asked to try and recall what s/he was wearing. For your quiz, you could ask about shirt color, which hat you were wearing, stuff like that.

Put out some bowls of chips/snacks on the tables (maybe a little dish of jelly beans too) - when they are all gone (which will be quite early on, I would wager), ask them to identify all of the flavours.