Help Help! Need Pub Quiz ideas

So I’m now on week 25 of what we like to call the World’s Most Intimate Pub Quiz, which I host and write with help from the bartender at the dive across the street from work. With six or seven categories each week, that’s, what, 150 different topics so far, and probably 2000 questions, so I’m running a little short on ideas at this point. :slight_smile:

Typically we try to do one or two visual identification rounds handed out as photocopies (cartoon birds, beer labels, marine animals etc), three or four out-loud sets (martyred revolutionaries, things that starts with K, ancient mythology, etc), and a final audio round of 15-30 second snippets which is usually a crowd-pleaser (musicals, songs about butts, evil moms in movies, classic arcade games, whatever.)

Sometimes we do slightly more schticky stuff, like “missing link” (George Jefferson Davis, Haley Mills College), “rhymes with…” or other gentle word play, and sometimes matching lists too.

It’s in the SF Mission district so a pretty liberal crowd, running between 25-40 years old mostly, mix of silicon and white collar professionals and neighborhood denizens, so nothing too incredibly esoteric-- it’s a local fun thing rather than a hypercompetitive destination kind of quiz.

Any ideas?