Pubic Hair Appetite

Are there any recorded instances of someone displaying a penchant for eating actual pubic hair? Is there a medical or psychological condition related to this?

Yes. It’s called starvation.

I thought I have posted some unusual threads. If you search a combination of OCD and “pubic hair” you will see it is a compulsion people who suffer from OCD have (eating). I am not sure if this is what you are looking for. If you are looking for people who eat pubic hair for sexual satisfaction, you can just search google for “eating pubic hair” and there will be some surprising sites out there. ENJOY.

or hair pie :dubious: :stuck_out_tongue:

DuhCow…should we be worried?

Try Googling Trichotillomania (the compulsion to pluck, and often eat, hair). Can’t say I’ve ever heard of it relating solely to pubic hair, but in the area of bizarre compulsions, nothing would surprise me.

ummm…bring pie…

I seem to recall a Dan Savage column where someone wrote in that he like to take his friend’s wife’s pubic hair off their toilet, bring them home and hold them in his mouth while he masturbated. Did say he swallowed. Although that doesn’t mean it’s not creepy on so maky levels.