I just accidentally ate a pube

I thought I was eating nostril hair. Truthfully, that’s not a good reason, is it?

Time to go to bed I think.

As long as it was your own or your lover’s, we all might be guilty of that from time to time. If not… well…

Go on…

You are supposed to floss after eating.

AKA poor man’s dental floss.

Class of 2012 once again shows ignorance…nothing to see here.

Call Clarence Thomas. He knows what to do with those.

No, call Robert Bork. He keeps his on his chin.

The whole thing?

Scott Tenorman? Is that you?

I was sitting at the computer naked, and pulling out long nostril hairs and eating them (I assume you probably shouldn’t do this but no one has actually ever told me not to).

Anyhow somehow with the nakeness, my not concentrating on hands, and not thinking I ate one of my own pubes and only realised when it was too late.

Anyone else suddenly feel the need to lobby for year-round school?

<raises hand>

How fucking long are your nostril hairs???

There are a lot worse things to eat. Ask any woman.

Feh. My Wife is a very conservative woman. If there were any health dangers from swallowing pubic hair, I would have been dead twenty years ago.

I don’t think what’s called for here is more schooling so much as more dictionaries- you know how those things on your scalp aren’t called heads? Same deal here. The ‘pube’ isn’t the hair, it’s what the hair grows on.

“Pube” is used for pubic hair in the parlance of today.

what the… <blinks> you were eating your nostril hairs? On purpose?

the fuck, dude?

Ok. What worse things are there to eat?