Public Service Announcement

Im in a video media class at my high school and we are currently doing public service announcements. I am brain dead and have no idea what I should do mine about or show in the psa. It can deal with any normal problem or a crazy one as long as its “appropriate”. Others range from the normal don’t do drugs to the extreme slow down and stop killing squirrels. If anyone has any ideas on what it could be about or anything to help me out I would be very gratefull.


Save The SDMB Hamsters!

“Just say no to kids trying to get you to do their homework for them.”

Hmm… I meant that as a dig at the OP, but come to think of it, it would make a pretty good PSA.

Stop Delegation of Labor.

Wait, what? What’s this about PSAs?

“Stop Colin Quinn from getting another show”

Question Authority

Always a good theme.

I’ll be honest with you, if I was in high school and was doing this assignment, I would do this one.

Let’s not give the moocher good ideas!

Stop putting on make up/shaving/reading the newspaper while driving.


Dammit man! It’s because shows like Colin Quinn’s that this poor kid can’t muster the attention span to come up with an idea for a PSA. Moocher or not, we must do something.

Ignore Alien Orders

(only bumper sticker I’ve ever put on a car)

I did one of those in college. I did mine as a parody of overly earnest PSAs. It was on salmonella poisoning. In mine, a concerned sister stopped her brother from eating cookie dough because it contains raw eggs. It seemed funny at the time, but it the execution sucked. Go, me!

*I Love New York…Not Like That, You Pervert! *

Here’s a semi-serious PSA idea I always wanted to do.

For some stupifyingly irrational reason, some people believe that by squirreling away their street litter in odd spots – like on top of mail boxes, on window ledges and wedged in handrails – they are not actually littering. Presumably their defense would be, “Hey, I didn’t throw it on the floor!.”


Someone needs to straighten these idiots out, and you guitarguy471, are just the man to do it.