public toilet aversion

Does anyone else have an aversion to bowel movements on public toilets? Or even semi-public toilets, like in the office? Personally, I find the idea of sitting down on just any toilet to be repulsive, but I can’t quite verbalize why. I guess it’s just the idea of any Joe going in and plopping his own hairy ass on the seat…

My friends seem pretty split on the issue - about half feel the same way I do, and the others seem to have no qualms about sitting on the throne at work in much the same way that they do at home - with a newspaper and right on schedule. In a similar vein, I’m also quite disturbed when I go into a restroom and have to listen to some other guy grunting and farting and making all of the other noises associated with making a number 2. It either strikes me as being rude or shameless on their part. Anyone else? I have a feeling Freud had an opinion on this…

I’ve heard of being pee-shy as a legitimate medical condition, but I don’t think that’s the case. Urinals don’t bother me one bit - it’s the sitting down part that I can’t do. And besides, I can wait until I get home to move my bowels - it’s quite uncomfortable to wait to urinate.

I think this is probably a question more for men than women, but who knows? Do some women have an aversion to sitting? Doesn’t seem like they have a choice, so maybe it’s not a problem…

I’m with you. I’ll wait til I get home for ole #2. I also don’t like using urinals. The only way I will is if I absolutely can’t wait AND the restroom is empty. Otherwise, I’ll go home, or to a place with available stalls.

Well, I think I have small bowel syndrome, becuase frnakly i shit two or three times a day. I can’t be waiting o get home allt he time. The toilets at my school are rank, but if you think about it, the seats are pretty clean, and having done it probably 300 times, I haven’t yet gotten ill (that I know of). I don’t thinkt here’s anything to worry about here.

“C’mon, it’s not even tomorrow yet…” - Rupert

If you need a graphic solution, http:\\Piglet

What’s really bad is when you have to use one of those “Porta-Potties”. But at lease you’re more or less alone. Who wants to look at the bottom (pun intended) of one of those?

Where I went to high school, in the boys’ bathroom at least, there were no doors on the stalls! This was in Springfield, IL. Anyone else go to a school with a similar arrangement? What about girls’ bathrooms?

As for the OP, I’ll hold a #2 until I get home, unless I absolutely can’t wait. Mrs. Rastahomie would sooner poop her pants then take a dump at a public john.

My $.02.

You guys must work at a construction site, restaurant or other ‘piss on the seat’ type establishment. You know, it’s my wife’s job (we divided the chores) to clean our bathrooms at home, but getting her to do so is like pulling teeth. A janitor comes in to clean the bathrooms at work three times a day whether they need it or not, so I’d rather take a dump AT WORK. Besides, think of the savings in toilet paper expenses…

I do get kind of claustrophobic however, and prefer the wide-open Texas sized space the handicapped stall affords. And since our building has not one single handicapped employee, I don’t feel at all bad about taking my time in there.

General public toilet, however…I take that on a case by case basis. And as was posed in a previous post, my high school too (in Los Angeles) was also devoid of stall doors. The rule was, if you had to take a shit, you fained illness to use the clean private toilet at the nurse’s office.

You know, I don’t think it’s a cleanliness issue. I’m a consultant with a large professional firm in a modern office building. I’ll admit the toilet is very clean here - I’m just not keen on sitting on it - or any other public toilet. At least it seems I’m not alone in feeling this way.

I’m notoriously unfussy when it comes to where I do my business. But I gotta tell ya, I was at Woodstock '99 last summer, and those porta potties were nuh-nuh-NASTY. They were, quite literally, overflowing, and there was nowhere else to go. I had to suspend myself like a spider over the mound of waste, bracing my arms and legs on the walls of the potty.

(shudder) The horror! The horror!

Leslie Irish Evans

You guys are kidding… right???

The office is the BEST place to take a dump. There is something extreemly satisfying about sitting there and thinking “they are paying me to do this!”

girl has learned hovering!

Frankly I dont do number one or number two in public toilets [no, not the shrubs either] unless it projectionile type, in that case, yes!

So SCUBA & surfer people do it in their wetsuits. Heh.

ohhh toidy questions…my favorite!
Well the only thing that can overwhelm that unconfortable I’m-about-to-shit-inmypants feeling is the relief of the release. So I dump first, think about it later.

“Look honey, there’s the little dipper, I’d show you the big dipper but my zipper is stuck.”