Public Transportation Horror Stories!

I’m taking the subway for the first time ever tomorrow.

Please share some of your bad experiences with public transportation.


You’re going to do something for the first time and you want to hear about people’s worst experiences? Why? Did you collect stories about people’s worst sexual experiences before your first sexual experience?

I live in Chicago and have never driven. I take the train and bus exclusively to get everywhere. And in 20+ years of that, I’ve had a tiny handful of unpleasant experiences:

Some jerks were running a shell game. I called the driver and had the transit cops waiting at the next stop. I’ve done the same thing twice on aggressive panhandlers. Both of these were years ago and the CTA has gotten much better about keeping it from happening. It may also be due to not riding during the rush hours very often. But my wife and I go out to see movies and concerts until the wee hours and take the train and/or bus home and have no problems.

There was one scary thing outside the Lawrence station of the Red Line. Two gangs fired shots at each other. We ducked down behind a bunch of newspaper racks when they ran off until the cops came and we were able to describe the gangs and what direction they headed towards.

But that didn’t happen on the train but on the street. I don’t think it really should count.

Well, I did attend Healh/Sex Ed in middle school.

Just want to hear some interesting stories. Best transportation stories would be pretty boring.

Dunno. I got a handjob from a girl on the #57 bus in Kansas City. Would that count as “best” or “worst”?

Back when I was in college I used to take the bus to and from school. One day, as the bus was going down a major street - two lanes in both directions - a woman in the back indicated that she wanted to get off at the next stop by pulling the cord not once, but a whole bunch of times:

This apparently annoyed the bus driver, as he didn’t stop. The woman ran up to the front and screamed, “Why didn’t you stop?” I didn’t hear what the driver said to her, but I guess it upset her, because she punched him. She and the driver proceeded to have a full-on fight, the woman pounding on him and the driver hitting her back with his right arm while steering with his left. They shouted obscenities at each other the whole time.

It was only later that I realized I should have gone up and restrained the woman, not because she was in the wrong so much as that she was endangering everyone on the bus (and the other drivers on the street). I guess I was stunned into inaction.

The bus driver managed to pull the bus over and stop it. He then opened the doors and shoved the woman out. She ran back on and kicked him. He kicked her back, threw her off again, then closed the doors and drove off.

I don’t know what this BS is, but it’s not appropriate behavior for the SDMB. Knock it off.

Metro’s drivers would have turned the bell off after the first couple of DINGs.

I used to take a 23A from work, this route also serves a company that employs several people from the county mental health system. One of those workers had a habit of pulling the cord just because she likes the sound, until the driver got wise and turned the bell off.

On Montreal’s green line in to school several years ago, I was asked by a small, bald, thick-accented, hairy-armed stranger if I would “Marry me, pretty lady, and make me beautiful babies”.

I suppose it’s not a horror story, but it was definitely strange.

Was this bus driver by chance a tall, hipster-doofus-looking fellow with a bird-face and hair like the Bride of Frankenstein?

Depends; how was the handjob?

When I lived in Philthydelphia, we had a snow-of-the-decade type snowfall. The driver had never driven in snow. Out of nowhere, he pulled over and abandoned his bus/passengers, telling us “he wasn’t paid enough to deal with shit like this”. I managed to walk a mile or so to get home, but I dunno what became of the elderly/disabled/etc on the bus.

No links to the infamous AC transit bus fight on a thread about public transportation horror stories? Thats an odd rule.

Can I post youtube links to people cooking food on threads devoted to cooking?

Not the subway, but a city bus.

It’s customary, when the bus stops at a stop, for someone in the back of the bus to yell “rear door!” Then the driver opens the rear door long enough to let a few people out.

On one very hot and sweaty afternoon, the bus was majorly crowded. I’m talking the kind of crowded where you’d better enjoy the company of the six people around you, because frottage is going to happen whether you like it or not.

That was a bad day to get a complete asshole for a driver. He refused to open the rear door for anyone. He said that everyone who wanted to get off the bus needed to use the front door. This was not well-received by anyone, especially people in the rear of the bus. Just getting to the rear door was struggle enough, nevermind getting all the way to the front. naturally, he got complaints about this, and he got even more insistent.

He finally made an announcement that it was MBTA policy that anyone wanting to exit via the rear door would have to yell their intention to do so before the bus even slowed down for the next stop, so he could execute a safe “rear door maneuver.” Apparently if he didn’t pull over in just the right way, passengers would die in horrible ways. He also went on the assumption that on this mega-crowded bus, only people in the front would want to get off at various stops along the way.

Somehow one sweet little old lady managed to exit through the rear door. She hobbled along the sidewalk to the front of the bus, and address the sweet young man who was driving. I believe her exact words were “You are an ASSHOLE! You hear me? ASSHOLE! ASSHOLE!” She got a round of applause for that.

From that point on, every time the bus came within 100 feet of a stop, every single passenger shouted, in unison, “REAR DOOR!”

I hope that guy got fired.

In all fairness, your link was confusing. You had a giant “FIRST” and that doesn’t link to a video of the infamous transit bus fight, it goes to a warning page with allcaps NSFW language. I had not idea what the heck that link was about either until I looked up other links.

I’d email the mod to explain so they don’t consider that a formal warning and give you a naughty mark in their big book.

What’s the deal with the “first” thing anyway?

The AC Transit bus fight video went viral in a few days, and it is probably the most popular example in public consciousness (right now) for public transit horror stories. Hence ‘first’, because I figured other people would bring it up.

I posted mine in a thread about things that have been seen and cannot be unseen. I can’t find it now but that might be better as I was chastised for TMI related reasons. :slight_smile:

In other words, you posted in the manner of the 13-year-old YouTube commenter. I think that’s mainly what the Moderator was annoyed about.

Not horrible but cool: I once boarded a Toronto subway train to discover a woman exhibiting a snake. The snake was wound about her arm. Several passengers were admiring it. It was a fun change from the usual.

It was the first thing I thought of. And I’ll never be able to unread it.
:: shudder ::

NO! Not that! Lalalalalalala I can’t hear you! I can’t hear you!

mhendo pegged it, Wesley.
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