Pulp Fiction game - be the Wolf

My favorite scene in** Pulp Fiction** is where Harvey Keitel plays Winston Wolf, the man who solves problems. After John Travolta and Samuel Jackson accidentally kill someone, The Wolf is called in to clean things up.

His solution was to clean and camoflage the car, clean the two killers up, and drive the car to a junkyard where the car and body can be made to vanish.

Question: How else could that problem have been solved? What would you have done if you were The Wolf?

Well, disposing of the body is no difficult task, if you feel like driving far enough. The car, however, would have to be disposed of discreetly (you can’t simply light it on fire somewhere) or cleaned out really, really thoroughly. So thoroughly that you shouldn’t even bother trying, especially given the time constraints that Winston had.

Cleaning and camoflaging the car was a necessity. As was cleaning the two killers. And so was the disposal of the body and vehicle.

Essentially, Winston did everything that had to be done. All that’s left is determining HOW, precisely, to do it.

Actually, it wasn’t really much of a problem to be solved. Winston was able to solve it simply because he knew of a place where a car with a dead body in it could be safely disposed of.

I can’t think of any better way to do it. Dumping the car yourself means it’ll likely be found, someday, at the bottom of the river you dumped it in. Setting it on fire brings police.

My only problem was that

A) No mention is made of an effort to clean up the blood and brain bits that doubtlessly were being dripped all over Jimmy’s house. Wouldn’t Bonnie, a nurse, have some serious questions when she sees bloodstains on her garage floor?

B) What happened to the bathroom towel that Vincent got blood all over? What about blood spots inside the house? They had to leave SOME trail of blood. Bonnie will see it.

C) And if you’re seeing blood spots around your house AND ALL YOUR BLANKETS ARE MISSING, wouldn’t you be reeeeeally suspicious? Jimmy can’t possibly keep Bonnie from noticing the lack of blankets in the linen closet.

If I had reasonably unlimited funds, I’d think it would have been quicker to bring a tractor-trailer, 18-wheeler into Jimmy’s driveway, and drive the car into the trailer. Then the car can be taken discreetly to the junkyard, and Vincent and Jules can ride in the back as well, to get dropped off anywhere safe.

D’ya think the Wolf could have made a half-hour drive in 10 minutes in a semi?

Dude. He’s the Wolf!