Pulp fiction question

I was finally able to watch the movie in it’s entirety last night and I have a question for those that know.

Every ones story arc was resolved in some way, with as far as I know the exception of Jules. Did I miss something, or what happened to him.


Jules last scene, chronologically, is, if I remember correctly, at the bar where Vincent and Butch have their little confrontation. I think he simply goes to the john. Not that that is the end of his character arc. It occurred earlier with Tim Roth’s character. Inspired by what he considered a miracle, I think he has decided to give up the gangster life.

Been a while since I saw the film, but that is what I got from his character.

Sir Rhosis

He was going to be a bum, I mean, walk the Earth. Remember?

Yeh, Jules found the fact that he was ambushed by the guy hiding in the kitchen, and shot at several times, but all shots had narrowly missed, a miracle; a sign from God he should give up crime. He was constantly waxing to Vincent about this, and IIRC, even mentioned how he used that quote from the bible as BS, to intimidate his victims. But then he started to think there was actually something to it.

As far as we know, he meant it, and hasn’t looked back.

Yeah I remember that , but there was no sense of closure for a major character , like you got with Travolta or Willis, the man just dropped off the radar.


Judging from the grouping on those holes in the wall, the gunman did not miss. I got the feeling that for the moment in time when those bullets should have impacted vince and jules, that god had removed them for a nano second and allowed the bullets to pass through empty space.

Which was the miracle, that God had chosen these two hitmen to redeem themselves if they made the choice, jules made the right one obviously , while vincent did not and was shot later.


It’s not a traditional Hollywood movie. Is there sense of closure for all the people who go out of your life? Sometimes you just don’t see someone again.

What more do you want? They can’t expand upon his departure without his “walking of the Earth” requiring it’s own movie. Unless he dies soon after leaving The Life or such.

Yup, I was just wondering if I missed anything in the movie, that there was closure.


I’d say his meeting in the restaurant with the people holding it up was his closure. Instead of shooting them, which is what he would have done before he survived getting shot at, he helps them. That’s where he officially ends his gangster ways and starts on his path as someone else.

That’s as much closure as Butch’s story, isn’t it? He just rides off on Zed’s chopper, right?

Well, if you closely, the holes are in the wall before the gunman fires. therefore all the shots either were blanks, or hit things out of frame. No miracle needed, although Jules certainly thinks there was one.

He’s trying, real hard, to be the Shepherd.

But if Jules had not redeemed himself, he would probably been with Vincent on the Butch stakeout. Vincent died because Butch got the drop on him. That wouldn’t have happened if Jules had been there.

That’s missing the point. And by the same token, if Vincent had, he wouldn’t have been there either.

Not much to add, except something I read here on the Dope a few years ago that scratched a plot itch I had: After Butch gets his watch back, he just randomly runs across Marcellus walking down the street carrying coffee and doughnuts. It seemed a little too convenient, until someone smarter than me pointed out that with Jules now walking the Earth, Marcellus chose to accompany Vincent to Butch’s apartment for the stake out. Butch just happened to walk into his apartment while Marcellus was out for doughnuts and was able to get the drop on Vincent.

Vincent didn’t open the bathroom door when he heard Butch enter the apartment and cook the Pop Tart, because he thought Butch was Marcellus. I love this movie.


(sorry, had to!)

One possible fate for Jules is that he ended up playing piano at Beatrix Kiddo’s wedding in El Paso where he was savagely gunned down. Sorry, no cite as I can’t remember where I actually read that.

Jules ended up as a hockey coach.

While we’re on it, what was the beeping noise after Butch shot Vincent?

Smoke detector.

Okay man, it was a miracle, can we leave now?