Pumpkin seeds. How long to bake?

Just wondering…I have done it every year, and every year I under/over cook them.

I would think 375 for 20 minutes is enough…anyone know?

Whos the seasoned pumpkin seed baker?

I’m so psyched!

My pumpkin seed recipie for last night called for 12-15 minutes at 350.

Did it this morning. 10 minutes at 350 seemed to work. Maybe could have used 2 more minutes. 375 for 20 mins would be way too much.

See I wuold have burnt them had I not consulted the boards! Thanks

'Scuse an ignorant Brit … but what do you do with the pumpkin seeds once you’ve baked them?


Eat them. They’re a little like sunflower seeds, but bigger (and tastier, in my opinion).

It depends on how wet they are before baking. Moisture can add a lot to your time.

Quick recipe (I’m sure others will add their’s):

2 T oil (I prefer olive, canola, or corn)
3-4 cups pumpkin seeds from 6 medium pumpkins, cleaned of slime and pulp, but not so rinsed that they still don’t have some “pumpkin juice” on them
salt to taste

Put this all on a cookie sheet and mix together, sprinkling your salt over the mix as you go.

Pop in a 350 degree oven and cook until you hear them start to jump. Remove, stir with a spatula, back in the oven until toasty brown. Most of the time the whole thing takes 15-20 minutes. Cool slightly and enjoy!

One year I add some cajun spices, another year I did some with sugar and honey (watch carefully for burning), another year I tossed after roasting with some cheese mix (from a mac and cheese box). All were good, but the original seems to be the most popular.