Punch-Drunk Love & Legally Blonde: I NEED Spoilers

I’m off to visit my Mom, who’s just out of the hospital. So I stopped by the video store and picked up the above-mentioned films to watch with her. I’ve not seen either, and want to know if they’re Mom-Friendly.

She does not mind either sex or foul language. But either of the following would upset her:

  1. Does anyone get sick and/or die in these films? Even “funny getting sick and dying?”

  2. Any out-of-left field nasty cracks about transsexuals? I can take it, but I don’t need a stealth attack with my Mom watching.

Slight hijack to say that I hope your Mom feels better soon. I had a lovely time meeting you both when you visited Charleston. I haven’t seen either movie, so I can’t help you there, sorry.

[sub][further hijack] I finally found Edy’s Swiss Orange Sherbet today and tried it - yum! I remember you mentioned it once in a Bad Day thread.[/further hijack][/sub]

Nobody get sick or dies. BUT in Punch Drunk love there is a pretty bad car wreck where his girlfriend ends up in the hospital.

I don’t remember any transsexuals in either movie. But I could be wrong.

I hope your mom gets better.

Thanks. She had a stroke, but seems to be on the mend–a minor stroke, thank goodness, so no physical impairment an d she seems OK mentally (well, as OK mentally as anyone in my family is). The real problem is, she can no longer drive, which completely maroons her. And I found out when you Google “stroke,” you get a lot of, ummm, non-medical web sites, if you know what I mean . . .

She can deal with the car accident, if the g/f survives and it’s not too graphic. She likes comedies and musicals–she loved Moulin Rouge! (despite all the dying going on) and I am also bringing Chicago (I didn’t like it, but I think she might).

it’s not too graphic

yes she survives but it is very disturbing the car spins around in a weird surrealist motion then as he turns to ask if she’s ok suddenly blood starts dripping down the side of her head. It effected me alot worse then if it would have been a smash them up car wreck.

Punch-Drunk Love had some pretty violent scenes as well; not bloody-violent, but very sudden and somewhat shocking.

Haven’t seen Legally Blonde.

Yeah but the violence is mostly him smashing up objects. Only once does he attack people (and weirdly that was more comic then anything). And I think he gets beaten up once. I could be forgetting something though.

Hmmmm. I think I better watch Punch-Drunk Love myself before bringing it for Mom to see, just in case.

Whether you decide it’s good for mom or not, it’s still a terrific film; hope you like it.

Hmmm, just started watching it–I like it, but it may be a bit too dark for Mom, escpecially as she’s convelescing and needs cheering-up. I think I’ll bring The Girl Can’t Help It.

Legally Blonde is pure fun fluff. I can’t think of anything disturbing, and the good guys win in the end.

Dangit, ivylass, you’ve gone and spoilt it for us all! Who could possibly have foreseen that a lighthearted comedy starring Reese Witherspoon would have a happy ending?


There aren’t any transexuals in Punch Drunk Love, but there is a scene where some religious people harass his character because of some phone sex telephone calls he made. I think they call him all sorts of names and it’s just a ugly scene because they think they should punish him for having a different sexual need.

I love where Phillip Seymour Hoffman says to Adam Sandler “Fuck you, you’re a pervert. Think you can be a pervert and not pay for it?” and then Sandler then ends his rebuttal with “I’d say that’s that, Mattress Man”. Fabulous movie.

Punch Drunk Love
Legally Blonde

Those should suffice for most purposes.