Punishment Shots w/Dools

Sayeth the Doolster – “Anyone else got really really bad punishment shots?”
Ensign Eaters –
1 shot rootbeer Schnapps
1 shot San Bouca(sp?)
Coke (a Cola)

Put Schnapps in shooter glass. Then slowly pour Bouca down the outside of a swizzle stick so it layers on top the Schnapps. Rinse mouth w/Coke. Shoot it. Bow to porcelain queeen. Repeat.

Wors’en rinsing with Coke after brushing your teeth.

Praire fire= Tequlia + Tabasco

ok, this isn’t alcoholic, but try mixing Orange Crush with root beer. They seperate and taste really disgusting. (As kids, we played a lot of truth-or-dare involving food)

For a night he/she won’t remember, the offender should down one Guinness draft w/a 2 jigger shot of vodka in it per violation. Sounds like easy territory.

My Forte:

Tour of Germany:
Shot Goldschlager
Shot Rumpleminze
Shot Jagermeister
Often toned down to 1/3 shot of each. PS: I know they all aren’t German

Triple T:
1 Part Tanqueray Gin
1 Part Wild Turkey
1 Part Tequila

Three Wise Men:
Jack, Jim and Joe;
Shot Jack Daniels
Shot Jim Beam
Shot Jose Cuervo
Again toned down to 1/3 part each

Prarie Fire:
Shot Tequila
Generous dashes of Tabasco

Cannon Ball:
1 Part Captain Morgans Spiced Rum
1 Part Jagermeister

Clear Death:
Once down the rail adding all clear liquors (varys bar to bar)

Black Death:
Same as above with dark and brown liquors

Straight Everclear:
Need I say more, the most anyones ever done is three in a row, promptly passed out 15 minutes later. I did it one night twice, never again.

9 oz. glass of beer
Drop a shot glass full of Ammaretto in and chug.
Sometimes with 1/2 Southern Comfort and Amaretto. Not a killer, but still a keeeper.

Same as Lunchbox, but drop in a shot of good (or bad) Whiskey. Now we’re getting somewhere.

Cement Mixer :(mentioned in other thread)
Shot Irich Cream
Shot Lime juice
Swish around in mouth, swallow when thinkening. Has no place anywhere except high school parties. No alcohol, i could just get sick on bad Cottage Cheese.

Liquid Cocaine:
1 Part Rum 151
1 Part Rumpleminze
Nasty, but I’ve heard a dozen different versions of this one, and many aren’t even similar and are considered chick drinks.

1 Part Blue Curacao
1 Part Vodka (Smoother with Absolut Citron)
1 Part Everclear (Only if I’m feeling nasty)

Old Blue Eyes:
Same as Windex, but cut the portions in half and mix pinapple juice in there. Then drop a Cherry into the bottom of the glass, pour it tall. Great drink for girls, not a punishment shot, but pairs up with Windex.

All the Bold titled drinks are my orignals. If anyone has heard of them or tried one under a different name, let me know. I need to break some kneecaps. Actually, i’d like to know if they have other more common names, not that I’d change mine.

Happy imbibing! Hope you enjoy my Libations!

The facts expressed here belong to everybody, the opinions to me. The distinction is
yours to draw…

Omniscient; BAG

Omniscient sed:
>1 Part Blue Curacao
>1 Part Vodka (Smoother with Absolut Citron)
>1 Part Everclear (Only if I’m feeling nasty)

Sadly, the latter ingredient cannot be purchased here in Virginia without a doctor’s prescription. Good thing I didn’t go to college here. :slight_smile:

If you want something really bad try this:

1/2 shot tequila
1/2 shot everclear
float 5 drops of “dave’s insanity sauce” on top.

To deal with men by force is as impractical as to deal with nature by persuasion.

I always heard of Windex as Blue Curaco, Vodka and either Sprite or 7-Up (to make it “foamy”)

Seems reasonable to include a mixer, but being that I got creative tending in college potency was high on the list of priorities :slight_smile:
Not to mention if your going for punishment, taste is more important to replicate than foaminess.

What’s everclear?

Pure grain alcohol, essentially.

My shot:

Skunk Piss:
1 part Kraut Juice
1 part of the highest-proof alcohol in the house (it doesn’t really matter, you can only taste the alcohol because of the KJ)

A nasty sounding drink recipe from Win Ben Stein’s Money…

Sandy (I think, don’t hold me to it)
1 part Beer (substitute Budweiser in a pinch)
1 part Lemonade(substitute Country-Tyme in a pinch)

“If A=B, B=C, and C=D, do not get a job proofreading” --Quid’s Theorem

1 baggie really bad mexican weed
1 gallon jug Red Mountain Vin Rose (Rosay)
No munchies
A few friends


Work like you don’t need the money…
Love like you’ve never been hurt…
Dance like nobody’s watching! …Unknown

Vapor Lock

Highball glass

  • Sambucca V. for the weak
  • Bacardi 151 for the strong
  • Everclear for the suicidal

Pour a double/triple shot of chosen liquor into the highball glass.

  1. Light liquor on fire.
  2. Slam hand down, extinguishing flame.
  3. Slip straw in glass, but not in liquor.
  4. Suck out heated air and hold breath.
  5. Take the shot.
  6. Slam hand back over glass.
  7. Suck out remaining air (ala step 4.)
  8. Let out breath.

You may opt to slobber all over your hand before step 2. This adds a certain refinement and distinction to the ritual that proclaims you are no ordinary drunkard, but rather one without any regard for personal safety and hygiene.


Ruptured Testicle:

Two parts Unicum, one part Irish Cream

If you don’t know what Unicum is, good. It’s Hungarian, it tastes like Jagermeister concentrate, and it comes in a bottle that looks like the holy hand grenade of Antioch. Hurts about the same too.


The drink that you are refering to with beer and lemonade is called shandy. I used to love in England and they drink it there, I also beleve that they drink it in Australia. It can also be made with apple juice. Actually its very good on a hot day.

Hey… you guys ain’t stealing this stuff out of The Playboy Advisor without proper citations, are you?

Any of you ever have to check and see if there is vomit on your shoes to determine whether you had a good time the night before?

When I was younger and stupider (or at least when I didn’t suffer from hangovers) I came up with something similar to Omniscient’s Black Death only it was a full 8 oz. drink (I know, I know…the original OP concerned shots…so sue me, you booze-hounds!).

I called it a Brown:

One shot of every brown liquor.
Top with one stale Dorito chip (for fine orange powdering).
Drink very quickly.
WARNING: Do not attempt to engage brain or operate body.