I need some good 'PJ' drink recipes.

I need to whip up a tasty alcoholic beverage for about 30-50 people. It has to be cheap and easy, like Everclear + Kool-Aid or something. I don’t want “Blend mangoes and lychee for 3 hours on a low setting, pray to Teotihuacan and rock back and forth.”, I want “Go to Walmart and the liquor store, dump this shit in a big ass cooler and you’re ready to rock!”

So, whatcha got?

Everclear + Kool-Aid.

(actually, I have no idea what either of these items is).

“PJ?” You want beverages like Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson drinks?

My personal favourite:

1 bottle vodka
1 bottle gin
1 bottle white rum
1 bottle melon schnapps
1 2l bottle lemonade

Dump into cooler. Ta-da.

When you say ‘1 bottle’, is that like a 750 ml bottle?

Yeah, bog-standard sized bottles.

Everclear or vodka mixed with Hawaiian Punch is pretty fantastic, and you really don’t taste the alcohol if you mix it well.

You really don’t know what you’re missing here.

Absolut vodka. Store in freezer; when ready mix with Red Pop (generic two-liters work just fine in this recipe).

An alternative is cranberry juice, but I prefer the Red Pop.

Or, shots of vodka done tequila-shooter style with a lemon wedge, but with powdered sugar instead of salt on your hand. Lemon Drops. Quick, painless, and effective, and also a fun group activity.

3 bottles cheap champagne
2 can frozen lemonade
20 oz. Grand Marnier (or Triple Sec)
1 C. Honey

Mix the honey with the Grand Marnier first, then dump it into the cold stuff. And away you go.

Everclear: as close to pure alcohol as you can get.

Kool-Aid: an artificially flavored/colored…drink-type thing. The directions are to add sugar and the Kool-Aid powder to a big ol’ pitcher of water.

What does “PJ” stand for?

ProJects, as in ghetto. seriously.

In a puchbowl mix together:
1 gallon of orange juice
1 750 ml bottle of vodka
1 750 ml bottle of Gallianno.
3 trays of ice.

There. Harvey Wallbangers for all. Use a clean plastic bucket if you have no punchbowl. Don’t like Galliano? Leave it out. Screwdrivers for all.

Some of these people with their brand name vodkas (Absolut?) and their classy named drinks (Harvey Wallbangers?) are going a little too highbrow I think. I submit BooJuice.
Take handles of vodka (the cheaper the better… Heaven Hill, Arrowhead, etc). Pour into a giant (clean is optional) cooler. Add beer. I’d say… mmm… just pour in a few pitchers of beer, but keep in mind that the more beer you add, the more you’re diluting the vodka. Now add concentrated lemonade. Oh, sorry, with the beer, try and get the cheapest, but strongest, available. Keystone Ice is pretty good for this purpose. Mix.
Now you’ve got a party.

We used to make Jungle Juice in college.

Get a large orange Coleman cooler with a spigot.

Pour in an 8 pound bag of ice.

Add one gallon Everclear.
Add one gallon cheap cheap Vodka.

Add as many colors and flavors of kool-aid that you dare, and a pound of sugar or so.

Fill up most of the rest of the way with water. Stir like you’ve never stirred before.

Add cut up fruit, apples, oranges, watermelon, etc. No grapes, they block the spigot.

Drink, get things stained.

When drink is gone, eat the fruit.

Also known as a Hop, Skip & Go Naked (or at least one variant thereof).

When my dad was in college, “PJ” stood for “Purple Jesus.” The main ingredient was Everclear; this and basically whatever else was available would be mixed together in a large container.

Here’s a drink called Sweet Oblivion:

1 part vodka
1 part rum
1 part gin
1 part Grand Marnier (or Triple Sec)
ice cubes
thinly sliced green apple
lime bar mix (or green koolaid, or some green juice mix)
7 Up (or ginger ale)

The bar where I work makes it in a beer pitcher using 3 shots each of the alcohols, then adding the ice, then the apple slices, then the green mix and topping it off with the pop.

If you’re using kool aid or generic mix you may need to add sugar to taste.

I can’t understand how people can stand to drink it, but they do. Every night.

I think I like this one the best so far, minus the fruit. That’s getting into a little bit too much effort :smiley: