Alcoholic punch recipes required

All recipes are welcome.

Friend is having a party. Taste is good but strength is better :wink:
PS Sorry if this is meant to be in Cafe Society.

Pretty recipe:
9 c water (7 cold, 2 hot)
2 c sugar
12 oz frozen orange juice
12 oz frozen lemonade
2 c vodka (yeah, right. Try a bottle)

Dissolve sugar in the hot water. Mix everything together, put in a container, and store in the freezer. Stir now and again til ready to serve.

Better recipe:
1 large, clean plastic container (trash cans work well)
A bunch of sliced, diced, and otherwise-mangled fruit (melons work well. As do cherries, assorted berries, and citrus fruits).
A bunch of sugar-free KoolAid (Hm. You’re in Eire. Y’all have frozen OJ, lemonade, and KoolAid there?)
1 bottle (per person) liquor, assorted types (gin, tokillya, schnapps not recommended. Vodkas, whiskeys, brandies, red wines highly recommended).
Airline barf bags

Blend together the first four ingredients. Pour into a tall glass over ingredient 5. Have ingredient 6 handy. This recipe tastes REALLY GOOD but…um…it catches up to you.

Is this my party to which you refer?

Anyway, 2 litres Orange juice, 1 litre apple juice, 1 litre cranberry juice, 1 bottle vodka, 2 bottles white wine, chopped fruit and ice.

Beer, Absinthe, Vodka, Orange Juice, chopped oranges and apples, and ice.

Evil, but oh so goooood! :wink:

I found some punch recipes on this site. Probably safer then mine.

Nah it’s another party.

One of Sour, two of Sweet; three of Strong, and four of Weak.

That’s how the little punchmaking ditty goes, down in the Caribbean, anyhow.

My wife and I just came back from the Caribbean (Jamaica? No, she went of her own accord, etc.), and there we imbibed Ti Punch in Guadeloupe, and Rum Punch in Dominica. I have to say, the ditty doesn’t ring too true. Ti Punch was a glass of white rum that had been shown a photograph of some lime, while Rum Punch appeared to be a glass of brown rum that had dabbed some eau de fruit behind its ears.

In other words: one of strong, one of strong, one of strong and a memory weak. :smiley: