You're Most Delicious Punch Recipes

At over a year later, we’re finally about ready to have our housewarming party and I’d really like to dazzle our guests with a great punch recipe. Since this has never been my forte, I’ll turn to my fellow Dopers to see what they suggest. And I’m not exactly certain what information you’ll need, except that the folks I hang with like their stuff particularly sweet.

Any other questions, just holler. Other than that, I concede the floor to the more knowledgable. Thanks in advance guys!

Dont know the exact recipe, but it was essentially a virgin mojito with slices of citrus fruits floating in it.

Don’t know if you’re looking for with-booze or sans-booze, but here’s a great with-booze recipe I made at a Christmas party, and it was probably one of the biggest hits we had (and we made some great food):

Champagne Punch

Qty Measure Ingredient

1 cup dark rum
1/2 cup Brandy
1 cup cherry juice
1 cup lemon juice
1 can crushed pineapple, with juice
1 Bottle champagne

Instructions: Mix and chill all ingredients except for champagne. Just before serving, stir in champagne.

(IIRC, we used pineapple juice only and didn’t include the crushed pineapple because we didn’t want “bits” in our punch…)

You’re Most Delicious Punch Recipes

Am I?

A quick jab to the throat whey they aren’t looking and least expect it.

If you want something really simple to do, try sherbert ice cream and 7-Up. It’s sweet, pleasantly foamy, and if your party has a color theme you can use any sherbert to match. (Raspberry for pink, lime for green, etc.) I’ve used this lots of times for baby and wedding showers.

Also, no particular measurements to the mix, just until it looks right. Maybe one tub of sherbert to one 2-Liter of 7-up.

Not alcoholic, but you could easily add some if you wanted. I’ve made this many times, and people love it, and it’s very simple:

2 large (16-is oz) bag of frozen strawberries, thawed
couple of T of lemon or lime juice
2 liters of ginger ale (or replace with champagne if you want alcoholic punch)
simple syrup/sugar if the strawberries aren’t sweet enough
Puree the strawberries and lemon/lime juice and syrup (if you need it). Dump it in a punch bowl. Slowly pour in the ginger ale/champagne - it fizzes a lot.

Float sherbet on top if you like, raspberry goes well with this but anything green makes it turn a funny color.

I make this very, very easy punch for the large concert receptions I do for a performing arts series, and it never fails to get raves.

1 can Pineapple juice (the 64-oz. can) Sometimes I freeze the can for a few hours to get some iciness going, but usually not.

2 2-liter bottles of Cherry 7-Up (or Cherikee Red, or RedPop) Do not use the diet soda…only time people didn’t drink it was when I made it with diet Cherry 7-Up.

Pour into punch bowl and serve.

Sometimes I float a bit of sherbet in there, but really, drinking punch with sherbet in it is kind of messy, and adds to the expense without really adding much flavor.

This serves a lot of people at no great expense…I think it usually comes out to $3.50 for a full punch bowl, if you get the pop on sale for $1 a 2-liter. And there is no measuring!

Wow! Thanks everyone. These are great and I’m sure one of these will be a perfect fit. I should have remembered to mention though that it would be non-alcoholic this time.

Keep 'em coming please.