Puppy Tooth Fairy?

My 5 month old puppy just lost her first tooth.

Is there a puppy tooth fairy(PTF)?

What does the PTF leave under the pups pillow?

Dunno about the PTF, but I’d just like to remark on the five puppy teeth sitting on top of the towel cabinet in our bathroom, until we figure out what to do with them. Phyllis was our first puppy to live in the house from the beginning, so hers were the first puppy teeth we ever found. We’d be playing tug-of-war or wrestle, and she’d yipe, and boom! there’s a tooth on the floor.

Funny side story: We showed the teeth (two fangs, three molars) to our visiting friends’ gifted 7-year-old, and asked him to guess where they might have come from. He thought a moment, then said, “Are they Mr. Scarlett’s teeth?” Yeah, those are his fangs all right. :smiley:

Well, if there is one, he/she/it did not visit my puppy. He lost a tooth 2 weeks ago. As we never have told him about the tooth fairy, he wasn’t expecting much. However, we did hie it down to Petco and got him some nice soft little chewie things. We have, BTW, told him of Santa Claws(sic), and he is looking forward to that, but hopes he doesn’t get clothes.

Lyllyan I guess you are saying that I need to tell my little one about Santa Claws (hehe). I hope she will listen, she has a hard enough time with sit, stay, down, don’t chase the cat, I am not a chew toy. Also what if she get’s so excited she widdles?

Scarlett67 the friend’s kid sounds like a pill. I figured the PTF could dispose of the tooth like the kids tooth fairy does when a child loses their tooth