Puppy Walker – The Puppy Application

I’ve put in my puppy application to become a puppy walker for the Australian Customs Dept. They are currently looking for foster parents for their puppies who are in training to become customs/police/army dogs. They are all pure bred Labradors and you get the puppy for 12 months, all its food and vets bills are fully paid. I really hope my application is approved, ‘twould be most cool.


Have any dopers ever done this type of thing? Any advice on what to do? How to make sure I get accepted?

That’s terrific, leechbabe. I hope you get it. I think I would have a hard time giving them up after a year, though.

To get accepted by the puppies, I recommend lots of “Who’s a good boy, who’s a good boy? YOU’RE a gooood boooy!”

(or girl)

And lots of petting, treats and reminders that he or she is the best dog ever, yes he is, yes he IS!

As far as getting the application accepted, I have no clue :wink:

Wonder if the petting and treats would work on the customs officials who visit to check out if the “environment” is suitable? :):smiley:

Why is a puppy walker not someone who walks puppies? Is the cryptic name meant to reduce the number of aplications for foster owners? :stuck_out_tongue:

I do that kind of thing - I raise service dogs, but they are in full training with me for a year (or two, depending on the job.) I do second phase training (after puppy walkers are done their year!)

It will be most cool - it will also be hard to give up the little darling… so whatever you do, be sure not to get overly attached to the pup. Always keep in mind it’s going to go away after a year.

I hope your application gets accepted! It’s a very rewarding experience.

Elly & the dawgs