Pure cholesterol

If I had a tablespoon of pure cholesterol, what would it look and taste like?

Well, it’s a white solid at room temperature. It’s also quite hydrophobic. My guess is it might taste and feel something like chewing a stearin candle…


There are several sellers on Alibaba who will sell you 99% pure cholesterol as a white crystalline powder. Many of them have a minimum order of 1 kg which will set you back about $100 plus shipping. Don’t eat it all at once. One kg is nine years’ consumption of cholesterol for the average American man.

Don’t have any on the shelf in my current lab, but in my last lab we’d use it in standard nematode growth media. It was pretty much an unremarkable white powder, like most purified biological organic chemicals. Powdery, a bit clumpy, not very soluble… I’d guess if you ate it, it wouldn’t taste like anything and it would feel like a thick greasy/plasticky paste.

Don’t be so finicky. You won’t get any dessert until you eat up all your cholesterol.

I recall a stand-up comic (Jeff Foxworthy?) had a bit something like this: