Purple Lotus

Not a car, the new color of our living room and dining room. It is beeeeuteeful. It’s warm and inviting, comfortable and cozy. It kinda hits a spot at the back of your brain that just makes you smile.

The painting should be done by Satuday. It’s funny cuz our cousin(who’s painting for us & paints for a living) was leaving when I was getting home last night. She grabbed me by the arm and walked back upstairs with me just to see the look on my face when I saw the part of the wall they had completed. I was so shocked that it looked as good as it did. When my sis and I started talking about color, we narrowed it down to a group, but I told her more than once that I just couldn’t picture any color over any large space - it’s just hard for me to do that. Anyways, I can’t wait for it to be done!!! After a lifetime of apartment white walls, we have purple lotus and I love it.
Tonight we shop for couches, this weekend, HDTV and a dish system, and before you know it, our dream living room/dining room will be done.