Push button, receive bacon.

Ever seen a hand dryer and thought that? I didn’t, but a friend told me and now I’m hooked. Soon, you will be too. Bacon bacon bacon bacon … bacon.

The link has sound: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FHrx-sCepEI&feature=related

Never. But thanks for giving me a LOL moment :slight_smile:
I’ve seen a picture along the same lines taken in a subway train. I can’t remember if it was exactly that, or something similar (an amusing interpretation of a graphical instruction sequence)

All the bacon-lovers must be asleep. Well I am using my free bump for their sakes.

And you just know that someone is going to take a hand-dryer and turn it into a bacon-dispenser.

Can’t post … eating bacon

Just so you know, only in the USA does bacon look so … easily iconifiable. This is what bacon looks like here.

Hereabouts the requisite graffiti on hand dryers was to add to the instruction set:

1/ push button
2/ rub hands together in airstream
3/ wipe hands on pants

I saw a graffito on one of these with that label (“push for bacon”). Unfortunately, it was lying. Unless it was just taking its time cooking the bacon. Maybe I should’ve waited.

He who is achin’ for the great taste of bacon
long after breakfast is down
Will appreciate this taste so great
It’ll make a smile of his frown.
- Box of bacon-flavored crackers.

My favourite is the old condom machine one:

“Worst damn chewing gum I’ve ever tasted”

…and somebody else added…

“Oh, but what bubbles!”

yeah, it LOOKS right. But does it smerr rike bacon?

Yes I know meme-forcing is a punishable offense. But I can’t help myself.

That’s some fine looking bacon you got down there.

Looking through the other pictures though, someone should replace the nails on the lorikeet. I’ve heard of pining for the fjords but never in an actual pine tree.


I am so ready to emigrate!

Might as well get the tee shirt.

Yes, but only after someone mentioned it on this board years ago. I have no idea who posted it, but I thought it was some funny shit.

Years ago is the operative term here.

Some of you guys really need to stay in more.

At MIT’s Barker Engineering Library someone wrote, under the No Smoking sign,


No Caterpillars with Antlers

I saw one better at a picnic area in a state park:

They are not allowed here.

Come back when they perfect the button that actually gives me bacon when I press it. Then I’ll be impressed. :slight_smile:

Your wish is my command. Skip the first 25 seconds b/c they’re irrelevant.

I’m a good three years away, but I’ve been filing this away as a potential Kipling prank for a while now. It will be fun!

I have seen the joke before, though I can’t recall the first time. It’s not new, but it is funny!

Hmmm, I like mine a little crispier. :smiley: