Pushing Daisies 10/22

We get to meet Emerson’s mother! Wheeeee!

I was afraid last week that there wouldn’t be a new episode this week, since there was no “Next time on Pushing Daisies.”

I hope it was dropped for time, and not because ABC doesn’t want to promote this show. :eek:

In any event…Emerson’s mom!

Oooh, this is going to be fun! Look who appears to be playing Emerson’s mom:

Debra Mooney.

ABC has not yet ordered any new episodes. I have seen petitions on several fan sites and begging people to start watching campaigns.

Well, that’s…unexpected.


The facts are these…

No new episodes after which episode?

So Ned’s a vegetarian; did we already know that? It makes sense; think of what could happen if he tried to eat meat.:eek:

Hahaha! I never even considered that excellent point.

This was a great episode. I love Emerson’s mother.

Calista Cod is my new favorite character. I want her to be on the show forever.

Well, if he touches rotten fruit it just turns fresh again, it doesn’t turn back into a tree. So, I’d imagine a hamburger might turn fresh (and maybe raw?) but I don’t think it would turn into a cow or start wiggling or anything.

But, it might get weird if he tried to eat a whole steamed fish or shrimp or something.

Is it just me, or is this season significantly less sexy than the last? Ok, there was the last scene tonight, but it seems that Chuck and Ned had a lot more “physical” chemistry last season. To the point where I think I would have developed several very odd fetishes revolving around not touching women if it had gone a full season.

Now it’s still very sweet, funny, and visually interesting, but its lost its faintly perverse abstinent eroticism. Which is to its loss, I think.

Another great episode and I love the mom. I really hope this show makes it. It would be really disappointing if it did not.

ABC has ordered 13 episodes so far.

There is an online petition Here to save the show.

I don’t know if anyone caught this but there was a bit of wordplay with Buddy Amicus.

Amicus is latin for friend.

I really am enjoying the season.
I LOVED Emersons mom!

She reminded me of my grandmother, the hair, the just don’t mess with her thing, the smoking.
Fun ep.

Did you miss the last scene? Abstinent, check. Erotic, check. If I had been Ned, I don’t think I would have been so pleased

to have my sweetie display all her charms to me when I couldn’t do anything about it.


I don’t know, maybe we weren’t watching the same show, but I felt like this season there’s been more innuendos than there were last season. I feel like the show is more cute and adorable than erotic and sexy, so much that the last scene in tonight’s episode really threw me off. I see Ned and Chuck’s relationship as so adorable and wholesome my mind screeches to a halt when…okay, maybe it would screech to a halt anyway but my point still stands.

Tonight’s episode was still marvelous, though. My favorite part was when Ned was gabbing away at Randy and then Emerson gives him his patented look, and Ned immediately turns as downcast as a scolded puppy.

Emerson’s mom is white? :confused: