Pushing Daisies 10/8

We’re going to the circus!

Clowns and pie and Pigby, oh my!

8p Eastern on ABC!

You know, I really liked this show last year, and it’s not thrilling me this year. I’m not really sure why; I’ve decided that I don’t particularly like Chuck much, and ongoing plots based entirely on people lying and hiding things have always irritated me. Maybe that’s why. Chi McBride is still freakin’ brilliant; I think they should get rid of Chuck and all the other women and just have Ned and Cod running around solving crimes. Maybe keep the aunt with the eyepatch - I like her, too.

But, what about Digby?

I’m sure come November or May one or more secrets will be truth-shot all over the pies. Never fear…it’s coming. :smiley:

Ned, Digby, and Cod. That’s mostly what the show needs but Cod really needs people to insult, so Chuck and Olive can stay.

I’m indifferent to the aunts, but I guess they can stay too.

Oh, hell! What did I just say here? I like the show as it is. :mad::slight_smile:

I fear the show may be facing the axe. This saddens me for the writers involved – there’s good talent there. They really took a huge blow with last year’s strike and it totally killed their momentum. I don’t know if there’s enough for them to hang on…

I read that. Ratings last week were actually lower than Knight Rider. I’m frightened for this show.

I think Bryan Fuller may just be too original and good for network.

I will be most saddened if the show does not make it. The strike did indeed damage it quite a bit.

Meanwhile I am looking forward to tonight’s show.

I saw the clown car bit coming a mile away, but I still laughed hard enough to feel bad for laughing.

I could not stop laughing either. It took me a second to realize how messed up it was for me to laugh so hard.

“I wake pies and make the dead.” :smiley:

Anyone notice the clown with the ruby slippers and Wicked Witch of the East stockings?

That made me happy. The miming dead mime made me happy too.

I didn’t think it was possible for me to love Emerson more than I already do, but then he goes and tells uptight mom to love her daughter. “LOVE IT.:smiley:

Boy did that bit work. Same with the cut away on the limerick.

Yes! :smiley:

I loved the “that human cannonball was meant for us” line.

The prayer scene was great. The hiding in the Hippo (was that a Hippo?) was cute.

Actually I just loved the show.

I really thought I’d heard last season that Chuck’s aunts were her father’s sisters but I guess I was mistaken since Chuck’s dad was really Chuck’s dad. I am now confused why then the sisters got custody of her. Surely Lily would likely be listed as her Guardian in the event Chuck’s dad’s death but why would Viv not find it weird to raise the daughter of her ex-fiance who had cheated on her? Oh well.

I’m not crazy about the Olive in the convent story, I hope they bring her back to the Pie Hole soon.

Chuck has always bugged me a little but they seem to be dressing her really weird and her hair looks like a squirrel’s nest which makes her a little more annoying to me.

Some great lines tonight, I also really loved Emerson’s, “Love it”.

The season’s first episode was somewhere between a deafening “meh,” and freaking out disgusted because I am (was) allergic to bees.

This one was a return to form, and the clown car gag was the funniest joke I’d seen on any episode of the show.

I went through most of the episode wondering if the mother of the missing girl was Julia Duffy. She SOUNDED a lot like her and ALMOST looked like her. But according to IMDB, she was played by Rachael Harris, who’s better known from the Daily Show.

I don’t remember laughing so long and prolonged as when the clowns kept being carried past. It was priceless. This was a much better ep that last, which freaked me out with the bees.


I thought the same thing. I wondered if Julia Duffy had plastic surgery that made her look just slightly different.

I think this was my favorite episode of Pushing Daisies so far. The clown car gag was hilarious, but I think Emerson’s reactions as each body went by was the icing on the cake. In addition, the “Ta-Da!” after the human cannonball was adorable.

This show, hands-down, wins the award for cutest show on television. No matter how hard I try to be manly while watching this show, I always end up SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEing in an unmanly manner by the end of it.

I was giggling as the dead clowns were being rolled past Ned and Emerson, but when the one on stilts was carried through I really lost it.

Near the end of the episode, Chuck refers to Lily and Vivian as “the two women I call my aunts” or something like that. So I guess she has always known that they are not really her aunts, but I wonder what she knows about the real relationship between her father and the “aunts.”

My favorite Cod moment of this episode:
Ned is talking to Chuck about their relationship
Ned: "I knew the caterpillar, but maybe it’s time for you to become a butterfly
Cod (walking up behind Ned): “You did NOT just say that.”
Ned: “Did not know you were there.”