Pushing Daisies is back!!!!


Although I have to say, the 2:00 video in the link is a bit…intense.

But still…




Can’t wait.

Congrats to Barry Sonnenfeld for winning Best Director of a comedy program for last year’s pilot “Pie-lette”. The show also won Emmys for Editing and Music composition. Only one scripted comedy program (30 Rock) won more this year.

Love the show. Can’t wait!

I’m so glad this is back on now! Great show.

I did notice that she was alive for 1 minute and 26 seconds, though. :smack:

Nitpicker. It was only a minute on the show. So there. Do not demean Chuck and Ned and Olive and Digby and the Aunties and the pear pies with Gruyere crusts, dammit!

And the narrator…mmmmm, narrator…

I love the show, but I always have to resist the urge to scream, “If his touch can kill you, why are you hanging around him so much. Get as far away as possible!”

I know it wouldnt’ be much of a show then, but still…

I am excited and bummed. I have to work Wednesday nights now and we can sometimes watch TV at work but because we also like to watch Project Runway, Wednesday’s are always busy. I also don’t have DVR and can’t figure out how to record on my newer VCR. I hope I can watch it online tomorrow.

I’ve been patiently waiting for almost 10 months, and finally, a new episode is on tonight! Hooray!

I bought the first season on DVD- I have 2 more episodes to watch in the next few hours. I think I’ll go watch episode 8 (Bitter Sweets) right now!

I’ve been looking forward to the return of *Pushing Daisies *the most of all the fall season premieres. But I’m tutoring tonight, dangit, so I’ll have to wait a couple of extra hours before I can watch it.

Anna Friel was on Craig Ferguson’s show last night. It’s always odd to me to hear her speaking in her native accent.

Anyone know how many episodes we’re getting this season?

We’re having a small “Pushing Daisies in all its HD glory” party with some friends who also love the show.

One friend is bringing pie.

We are letting it queue up on the DVR for a bit so we can watch it without commercial breaks. I can’t wait.

I am hoping the executive meddling is kept to a minimum.


Dang I love this show and don’t know why.


I can’t state with words strong enough how much I love this show. Pieman in his underwear, alliteration, snappy one liners!


Great episode, I really enjoyed it. Poor Olive though. Poor Vivian too.

Happy Time Temp Agency is the name of the one from “Dead like Me” where Georgia Lass worked once she was a reaper.

Wow, Chuck has as many books as I do.

I love this show, I saw no loss of quality.


I thought this was a confusing episode, though I liked it.

Next week looks funny.

Wonderfalls connection: Diana Scarwid, who played Jaye’s mom on that show, was the Mother Superior. (I owe this knowledge to supervenusfreak, as I was all “I KNOW HER! DAMMIT! WHO IS SHE!?!?” and he actually knew)

Which means, along with the Happy Time Temp Agency reference, there were two former Bryan Fuller show references in this ep.

That’s a fantastic line. If it’s all right with you, I’d like to borrow it for future use.

This ep was rather fast-paced, but it seemed to fit right in with last season’s shows. I’m eagerly looking forward to the rest of a (hopefully) full season!

ETA: Thank supervenusfreak for me jayjay. I also recognized her but just could not remember who she was. Awesomeness.

I need to remember to ask my mother what she thought of it when I talk to her next. Before tonight, she was a Pushing Daisies virgin. We talked her into watching it tonight (thank god there was a recap segment!) and once we buy the 1st season DVDs, we can bring them up to watch with her next time we visit.

Oh my god, Ned’s father is… …the homeopathic remedy salesman! I was suspicious before but even if we only saw him from behind I think this is effectively confirmed.

God I love this show. The cast, the writing, the music, the cinematography… I can’t imagine how it could be better.

Yeah, Chuck and Ned get too close for comfort but it’s part of the fairy tale nature of the series so I accept it as part of the premise.

Joking, right? Unless his homeopathic remedies effectively stop aging, Raul Esparza is nowhere near old enough to be Lee Pace’s father…besides, Ned knows his father. He’s seen the homeopathic salesman before…he’d have recognized him.