Pushing Daisies 10/15

I’m looking forward to tonight’s episode, and I’m very encouraged by the fact that ABC is even showing it- the only prime-time show ABC has scheduled other than the Presidential debate. At least they are giving it a chance; after last week’s thread in which some people commented on the show’s low ratings, I got worried about its future.

Mild spoilers ahead, but I’ll box them anyway:

It looks like Ned and Emerson go under-cover at the convent, dressed as priests. Also, I think Olive’s parents make an appearance, possibly in a flashback. Mother Snook and Father Snook are listed in this episode’s credits on IMDB.

I’m still worried. But we’ll see. Bryan Fuller doesn’t have a good track record on broadcast networks…not because he’s lousy but because he’s quirky and network execs get nervous around quirky.

Yeah, I was just checking out the ratings and they aren’t good.
I did find an online “Save Pushing Daisies” petition, however. Never too early to start!

Mods (or anyone), is it OK to post a link to the petition?

Unfortunately, I don’t think those things work, even if they do.


**I’ll **be watching it.

I’m sure you’re right, ivylass.

And I think I found the answer to my question about posting a link to the petition, by reading the Rules For Posting (go figure!). It says “Do not post…messages primarily intended to promote a cause”.

So everyone ignore my statement about the petition! I didn’t mean it! Please don’t ban me!

It looks like we’re all getting more Pigby! Even if he was a bad pig.

Can someone fill me in on Sister Laroue’s backstory? I had to go help rewire a light switch at that point.

So…we now know what the exact relationship was between Lily Charles and Charles Charles. Except how often does someone get engaged to their stepbrother? Remember that Lily said Chuck’s father was Vivian’s fiance.

Anyway, Olive’s back at the Pie Hole! With Pigby! Yay!

I loved Father Dowling, Father Mulcahy and Sister Christian. Emerson remains one of the best things about this show.

Those nun habits make it hard to recognize guest stars…I had to look up the actor who played Sister Larue to figure out why she was so familiar. (Mo Collins of MadTV)

Sister Larue was a food scientist who was trying to perfect the Italian white truffle. Her employer sent her undercover to a truffle-farming convent to do research in secret.

Best episode so far this season, in my view anyway.

The cursing nun being obscured by the bells was cute, but they need to be careful about overusing that gag(and varients thereof).

Loved seeing young Olive Snook and am happy Olive’s going back home to the Pie Shop.

Am also happy that Chuck now knows who her mother is, and am also baffled by the bit where her “aunts” are also her father’s stepsisters, unless that’s just a coverstory.

That was an excellent episode. I had fears when I read that the Network executives wanted some changes. So far it appears there has been no hit to the quality or quirkiness.

BTW: Chuck’s ‘father’ was her biological father and he was Vivian’s fiancé but cheated with Lily and thus came Chuck. Lily told Vivian that she was off to study at a Fromagerie (sp?) but really came to the convent pregnant to have Chuck.

There are still many questions about why Chuck’s dad went along with raising Chuck by herself and then why Vivian went along with taking Chuck in when her ex-Fiancé died.

What kind of changes?


We get to watch TV at work when it’s slow and I think I managed to turn a co-worker on to the show tonight. I had to explain some of the situations and relationships but she was laughing at a lot of the stuff before anything was explained.

I’m glad Olive is back at the Pie Hole but not crazy about the pig. He’s a killer, after all.

I thought Kristin hit this one completely out of the park. Outstanding performance.

I don’t know. I can’t think of any TV show that couldn’t be improved with the addition of a killer pig.

She’s a killer. They mentioned that she was a sow when Sister Larue was telling Olive about the truffle smelling like male pig pheremones, and that’s why they use sows to find them.

I don’t think Chuck’s father (the one Ned killed) is her biological father. I’m sure all this will be sorted out, but Lily had an affair with her sister’s fiance, got pregnant (the photo of all the nuns, with Lily proudly portraying her pregnant bump right out front, slayed me) and somehow gave Chuck to her step-brother.

So, where will Olive live now? Are she and Chuck going to be roommates?

There has to be more there. I mean, it’s POSSIBLE that Vivian was engaged to her stepbrother. Technically, it’s not incest. But it would be creepy as all hell. And that’s not even going to the whole Lily/Charles pairing, which would, by equivalence, also be creepy as all hell.

And frankly, Chuck really should have been feeling the creepy about it, too. I mean, Ned didn’t even have the kind of context that Olive does (if their exchange at the convent was all there was of knowledge impartment). So all Chuck really got is “Lily is your mother”. I would be thinking (as I mentioned above) “Ew…that means she did her stepbrother.” Because for all anyone involved here other than Lily knows, Charles Charles was the actual father. She tried to deny it last week but that plan failed and she had to admit that he actually was.

At least this show is showing promise of actually resolving its secrets in a timely manner instead of dragging them out for three seasons (I’m looking at you, Abrams…).

My favorite part was the way Ned couldn’t stop shoveling in the groceries while the Swiss Chef was expositing about his affair with the truffle-scientist sister. That looked like some fine fettucine alfredo, and I think Ned was going to put it all away by himself.

Plus, his simmering lust for the kitchen appliances.

She was fired from her employer when her first attempt failed badly - she then discovered the truffle bits about the convent and joined there to continue her work.

Ah…I must have been distracted while the “the facts are these” part was going on.