Put the white back in the White House

I’m pitting the asshole in the picture at the top of this link. He’s wearing a Romney/Ryan t-shirt that says “Put the white back in the White House”.

I’m certain it’s not an official t-shirt, and I hope that they didn’t allow him into the rally.

Wonder if it could be a plant? There were anti-Sarah Palin shirts that said the same thing:

No, then the shirt would have said “put the green back in the green room!” and the wearer would have been trying to crash the backstage waiting area.

No, wait, I think that might be frogs.

That seems like a stretch. I can’t imagine anyone who doesn’t believe what that shirt says wanting to be seen in such a shirt and if they did, to what end? We all know that there are white racists in this country, and we all know that they’re not going to vote for Obama. We don’t need to see such a t-shirt to realize that.

And those anti-Palin shirts were very different. The didn’t depict it as the sentiment of the wearer. They depicted it as being said by Palin.

What else would you expect from followers of a candidate like Mitt Romney who intentionally stokes the racist fires with ads that not only lie about the black president’s policy on Welfare waivers, but gins up racist hatred and resentment using an ad that tells white people (by only depicting white people as the “workers”) that the black president wants to hand out checks to lazy people (read, other black people).

Racist Yard Display Of An Empty Chair, Noose, Watermelons and ‘Go Back To Kenya’ Sign.

This won’t be the last racist filth we see this election, short as the remaining time may be.

Check out this hilarious joke being passed around on Twitter

I like how so many of them say, “not to be racist, but…” like that somehow stops it from being racist.

Anything that starts out with “Not to be racist, but” or “I’m not a racist, but” is invariably followed by a racist statement. The “but” negates the “I’m not a racist”.

Randy Newman has a song out spoofing this mindset:

“I’m Dreaming (of a White President)”

Not to be racist but we really need to put some white back into and onto the White House. Have you seen the condition of the paint on that thing lately? I heard some of Hugo Chavez’s landscaping crew put in a bid on the job.

Get it together people…this is not a R/R T-shirt… This is some bonehead applying a sticker to his own T-shirt…and it’s a sleeveless T-shirt (just what R & R would have ordered right?:smack:) This is complete delusional nonsense. This is one clown and he DOES NOT represent the tides of Romney/Ryan supporters…Grow up already!

Who, in this thread, has suggested that this was an official Romney/Ryan T-shirt? Nobody. Got a real hair trigger on that temper, buddy.

Yeah. It’s just one individual person. It’s not like there are lots of people repeating this out there.

That all offends, angers, and saddens me, all at once. I don’t quite know how to handle that level of racism and deliberate ignorance.

Second line of the OP.

I don’t think it is a sleeveless T-shirt. Other people are just blocking the view of his arms.

(I, on the other hand, believe in the right to bare arms. Hardy-har-har.)

Try again. From the OP:

Oops you’re right. Of course it’s bad to vote for or against someone just because of their skin color. Continue with your RO.

You must have replied to the wrong thread. My OP in this thread said quite clearly “I’m certain it’s not an official t-shirt”. Did you see that?

Funny how two new people seem to have signed up just to reply to this thread.

I did not!

I don’t think that was the OP’s complaint. I got the impression he was disturbed by the casual indifference of the rest of the crowd to the shirt than to the shirt itself.