Putin snags SB ring

Ok, assuming it wasn’t a gift, but rather a misunderstanding…I can’t believe that Kraft just let him keep the ring. WTF? I’m sorry, but I’d be damned if I’d let someone else keep my Superbowl ring. But then I never would have taken it off of my fucking hand. Is it common for leaders of nations to just assume that anything someone hands them is a gift?

If the former head of the KGB put my Superbowl ring in his pocket, why I’d… I’d…

I’d let him keep it, and be thankful he’s not having me killed.

Yeah, this is quite a strange story. I’m watching my pockets the next time I hang with pooty poot.

Kraft probably deserved it. Here’s a transcript of the conversation …

Kraft: Man, it’s a shame you don’t get the Simpsons here. I heard a great joke …
Putin: :dubious:
Kraft: Yea, it’s a shame you barbarians here in the sticks don’t get, like, satellite, and stuff …
Putin: :rolleyes: Yoink! (Takes ring)
Kraft: :eek:
Putin: HA-ha!

Ok, Ponder, that was good. :smiley:

I knew those Patriots were in league with the commies.


It’s only one month until training camp…

Who exactly makes the rings?

If I’m the owner of an NFL team and they win the Super Bowl, can’t I order 1000 rings, to give out as gifts, etc?

If so, he should have a couple in his pocket at all times for just these occasions.

If not, Kraft f*cked up by taking it off.

Ponder, I’m this close to believing you. I bet it was a lot more like this:

Apparently Kraft intended to give it to him.

Thus sprach CNN.

It’s not like Kraft can’t get another one. They aren’t supplied by the NFL, but by the teams themselves.

I saw James Carville on Pardon The Interruption (an ESPN show) saying that there was no way in hell that Kraft would ever consider asking for it back. Well, not if he wanted to do a single dollar of business in Russia, he wouldn’t.

Funnily enough, at the end of the show, they had the announcement that Absolute linked to, “confirming” that the ring was intended as a gift. Yeah, that’s not spin. :wink:

Look at that, another market just opened for Bob Kraft!

"My Preciousssss!

We hates Putinses! We hates Putinses forever!"

I think Putin purposely bogarted it. “Ah, nice ring. Think I’ll keep it. What’s he going to do about it, disrupt decades of international peace talks? Besides, he’s a capitalist pig. He’ll just get one of his third world peons to make him a new one.” Smile.

I like this concept. Well, what would you do? Leap on Putin and start wrestling him for it?

I don’t think that the ring was intended to be a gift at first. I think that Craft came forward to say it was to help Putin save face. Of course Craft is now in a position of having favours done for him if he has a business venture that he could take to Russia.

Hell no. The Russians are incredible wrestlers.

That’s what I’m thinking as well.