Putin Swipes Kraft's Super Bowl Ring

So, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft goes to a meeting in the former Soviet Union and meets Vladimir Putin. The story is a bit unclear, but it seems that it went like this:

Kraft: “Hiya Vlad…check it out, like my Super Bowl ring?”
Putin: “Hey, nice!” <yoink!>

I gotta wonder how far Putin would’ve made it if Kraft has been traveling with the Pats’ D-Line…

Dude. That’s almost beyond belief.

Something was lost in translation here – I have a feeling Kraft took it off to show Putin, who thought he was offering it as a gift.

Can’t load the MSNBC page right now, though, so maybe not.

Intentional or not, I somehow doubt that Kraft is ever getting that ring back.

Well, he’s got a story to tell, regardless. And he can always visit the ring in the museum whenever he’s next in Russia.

Are they bullet proof?

Regardless, it’s a great addition to the Kremlin Library. I hope to see it one day.

Latest news indicates yes, indeed, it was a gift. Too bad. We were having so much fun.

"My Preciousssss!

We Hates Putin! We Hates Putin Forever!!"

I was wondering . . . if Putin admired the ring, would it be a good idea for Kraft to fold his fingers into a loose fist, thereby displaying the ring while holding it securely thereby sidestepping Putin getting the ring in the first place? Cause that’s what I’d do.