Putting a link to SDMB on another site

“No material contained in this site may be republished or reposted without express written consent of the Chicago Reader, Inc., except that message board users retain the right to republish or repost their own work.”

Just wondering…if I’m on another MB and someone asks a question that is answered on the SDMB, may I provide a link to the thread?

Thank You

Absolutely. We love the exposure. The same goes for Cecil’s work and the Staff Reports.


I’m working on getting the Straight Dope Message Board mentioned in the “Gninchiest Websites” column in TigerBeat magazine.

Uhhh, maybe I should qualify my statement. Let’s try, “We love to be exposed.” Ummm, no, that’s not quite right either. Hmmm, “Expose us at your favorite adult site?” Nope. It’s getting worse. Little help here, please.

Sure thing, Unc! [helps adjust his raincoat]

Here’s more on the topic, from the main Link to us! You are encouraged to post this at other sites: straightdope.gif