Putting 'LOTR' in a thread title guarantees lots of replies.

Unless this one doesn’t in which case I broke the rule!
Call me an attention whore (I do this for my entertainment above all else), but I tend to avoid posting in threads that already have a high number of posts. The higher the number of posts the higher the likelihood that my post will be ignored, the higher the chance that what I want to say has already been said.

The thread about what irks you or you like about the LOTR films. I love the films but there ARE things that irk me and therefore I would have something to say in that thread. But seeing how many replies it has I was put off. I reckon most of the posts are as part of an ongoing conversation between a group of dopers. Coming late to a thread makes you not a member of any group already talking.

I agree–I tend to ignore threads that have already gone beyond two pages because either my point has been made, or it’s a convo that’s taken a path already.

As far as LOTR is concerned, I plan to rent them all and have a marathon one Saturday. (Same with The Matrix movies). Should I read the books first though?

Remember the famous “What if LOTR was written by someone else?” thread?

The thread with the most pages in SDMB history IIRC :slight_smile:

I’ve read the books… And it’s hard to tell anyone not to, (It is certainly an epic story) But I found reading them more of a chore than a pleasure. To say “it drags” is a massive understatement.

But that’s just my opinion. If it were me I’d watch the films first, then get the stuff that the films didn’t show from the books.

But people are finding different things to say in that thread, even the latecomers. Some posts have responses, some don’t – same as any other thread.

This sounds like you prefer threads with a small group of posters, exclusivity, sorta. Or is it not exclusive if you’re one of the early posters? Or exclusive if you’re not an early poster?

Damn. I’m confusing myself trying to figure it out.

Too late for edit: I happen to think that if I’d NOT read the books I’d have enjoyed the films a lot more. Not knowing what’s going to happen is a huge advantage.

Movies first, books later, if only because the books take a long long time to read.

The title is true; there are several of us that will open any thread with a Middle Earth reference and usually post in it.

samarm, apparently the “What if LOTR was written by someone else?” thread was not the longest, but the most view. There was apparently some silly game thread called the “A” thread that was longer.

As to pages, I have my options set to 200 posts per pages, so even very long threads are rarely more than 2-3 pages.

The books aren’t for everyone, but I of course think they are the best and most interesting ever written. My wife is OK with the Hobbit but cannot get through the Lord of the Rings and did not bother to see the Two Towers or Return of the King.

I honestly could not enjoy the movies as much as they deserve. Analytically I can see where they were probably the best Fantasy movies ever made, but while watching them, I just kept wondering why PJ would rip out my heart and stomp on it so often.

I have hopes the Hobbit will be kept closer to the book.

Jim (Frodo Lives and he recently reurned to the Dope.)

Snip of the rest: Mine.

If you mean what I think you mean. For me this is one of the things that I love about the films.

I think you mean tear-jerking moments. (Correct me if I am incorrect)

The one that got me most was “Come on Mr Frodo. I can’t carry it for you. But I CAN CARRY YOU. LET’S BE RID OF IT. ONCE AND FOR ALL”

No, unfortunately I was pained at almost every cut scene, change of dialog and missing character. I knew too much in too much detail to really enjoy the movies. I needed more like 30 hours of movies and 98% faithful to the books. The Hobbit is a much smaller and simpler work, it should be possible to keep closer to the story and thusly my hopes that I will enjoy it more.

Read them first if you want, but don’t read them and then see the moves right away.

I’ve read the books a few times and I love em. I watched all the moves a couple of times and I love them. However, I once read the books in one big marathon (about 4-5 days) and then watched the films. I was throwing things at the screen for “getting it wrong” because the books were too fresh in my mind. So I highly recommend reading the books but give them time to fade first.

Heh. I read each of the books again, just before each of the three movies came out, so that they would be fresh in my mind and I could better compare and contrast. Despite some nitpicks (the more I think of it, I believe Elrond was miscast, and it bothers me that Gollum changed appearance from the first movie to the second, and the scene of Boromir’s death went on too long, and Denethor was too cartoonish a villain, and Aragorn should have had Anduril from the beginning of the quest, etc.), I think the trilogy of films was an amazing, epic, very enjoyable and commendable accomplishment, and I’m very glad I saw it in my lifetime. I have high hopes for The Hobbit, too.

And yes, I’d certainly agree the title of the thread! I’m here, aren’t I?

I’m pretty sure the longest thread was the 9/11/01 thread (the day that it happened).

Well I only see three of us so far, when do you think the rest will join the throng. :wink:

That reminds me, I’ll either have to bump the Entmootor start a new one. We have many new and returning posters now.

By all means! And include a link to this thread, too, if you like.

Does anyone have a link to this? I’ve tried searching but nothing’s coming up. Cheers.

Here you goand this thread I started Most popular threads by forumshows it is the most viewed thread in the SDMB history.

Thank you! No work for me tonight, again… :slight_smile:

“LOTR” is only one subject which guarantees a lot of replies when mentioned in the title. Here are some others:

Star Wars
Star Trek
World of Warcraft
Kitty pictures
Mac v. PC
Toilet paper: over-the-top or out-from-under roll mounting

Any Doper clever enough to combine all these subjects in a coherent thread title would be guaranteed the newest high-page-count award.