q. about the old Dragon's Lair arcade game

When the machine was in display mode it would read a narration while showing various scenes from the game. One of the scenes was of Dirk dodging some tentacles while crossing a drawbridge. When the actual game started it showed a view of the wizard’s castle by night and then Dirk entering the castle while the “you succeeded” fanfare played. Was there originally going to be a level where Dirk had to get into the castle in the first place, that didn’t make the final cut?

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Well, here’s a run-through which might help when specifying certain scenes, though I don’t really understand your question.

As an incidental note, that game was always more fun to watch than to play.

I understand your question!

But I don’t know the answer, sorry. I did always think it sort of weird, on the few occasions that I played the game.


From this link, evidently the drawbridge scene was to have been included, and was included with the European game.

There’s also this site, which appears to be dedicated to Dragon’s Lair and laserdisc games in general.

Also, from this site explains the differences this way:

There might be an explanation for this one; the one version of DL I saw when it first came out (at the old “underground” arcade/bowling alley - now the textbook store, I think - at UC Berkeley) first ended the game with a static shot of the prince and Daphne when you completed it, but later it put you back into the middle of the game (just before the rapids, I think).