Q: St. Elsewhere Fans?

Were there two rapists on St. Elsewhere? One was Dr. Peter White, IIRC, perhaps brought on after he made some wrong call in ER (or in surgery?). But, “Boomer” (a male dr.) was also raped after Dr. Peter White was caught. Who was the 2nd rapist?

Hope some St. Elsewhere SDoper can refresh my memory…

  • Jinx

IIRC, wasn’t he raped by a patient while serving in a prison hospital?

Zev Steinhardt

Sounds right to me.

“Boomer” and a couple other hospital workers were doing some big thing at a prison when I riot broke out. The prison went into “lock down” but some prisoners were able to get in to the medical ward.

Dr. Jack “Boomer” Morrison played by David Morse & it went down llike Charmain said, plus the Rapist was helped by an ex-patient of Dr. M’s. Loved this show, but it wasn’t the same for me after that.

The rapist of Dr. Morrison got out of jail and later attacked Jack and his new family he started in Boston (he married an old high school sweetheart, played by Patricia Wettig).

The bad guy tied up Boomer and his wife and was about to do something nasty when Jack’s son found his father’s gun and shot the bad guy.

Jack then dragged the dead body to the hospital.

IIRC, didn’t the rapes around the hospital continue after Peter White was shot and killed?

And Jimmmy, I think the ex-patient was the rapist. He was a mild mannered guy until his wife was killed, and after he went to prison he became a gang leader, or something like that.

The inmate (played by Jack Bannon) was not a patient at the hospital. In the very first episode, his wife was brought to the hospital in critical condition after she was hurt in a bombing at a bank.
The bomber was played by Tim Robbins.
His wife almost survived, but eventually succumbed to her injuries. Grief stricken, he ran into the Tim Robbins character (who was also hurt in the explosion) in the corridor of the hospital and shot him.

So the guy ended up going to prison, where he eventually became the prison rapist’s “slave” of sorts. He spoke about his life had been totally transformed by the prison experience.

The episode where Dr. Morrison gets raped is one of the most disquieting episodes of “St. Elsewhere” and it had quite a few that fell into that category.