Quick and Easy "Sons of Anarchy" Question

I’m about seven episodes into Season One.

ISTR hearing from someone, somewhere, that there is a violent butt rape scene at some point in the show. If someone could give me the season and episode where that takes place, I would appreciate it, so I would know to have the fast-forward button handy.


“A” violent butt rape? As in just one? Ha! I think there was more male on male rape in this show than in Oz! From what I can remember, a lot of that takes place later on in the last few seasons, but I really can’t remember if there were any in season 1 or 2.

I would think you’ll be able to see it coming (ha!) in enough time to leave the room / ff. Do you also have a problem with with male/ female rape or just plain violence in general (if the latter, I’m thinking SoA is not the show for you)?

The worst of these scenes was Otto in prison getting repeatedly raped by the guards, but that’s not until the later seasons.

There’s also

Juice getting raped several times, I remember one by Marilyn Manson and another by a rival gang(?). I think there were even more.

Plus, of course there was

Gemma’s violent rape by the white supremacists

I’m OK with violence, but I draw the line at rape, especially butt rape.